iOS 10 notifications redesign is better than the real deal


Grouping would make iOS 10 notifications much better.
Grouping would make iOS 10 notifications much better.
Photo: Zuno Young/Medium

The paint is still drying on iOS 10 after just being unveiled earlier this week, but one UI designer has already come up with an amazing redesign of the Notifications screen, and we hope Apple’s paying attention.

Notifications have a bigger emphasis than ever on the lock screen now that Slide to Unlock is dead, however the way Apple displays them is kind of ugly if you get multiple notifications from the same app.

MacBook Pro concept shows how useful an OLED touchpad will be

Siri might even find a new home on the OLED touchpad.
This is what the new MacBook Pro may look like.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple might not unveil a radically redesigned MacBook Pro at WWDC next week, but thanks to artist Martin Hajek we’ve got the next best thing: concept images.

Cult of Mac’s favorite concept artist has created a series of mockups that show just how awesome it will be when Apple adds an OLED touchpad to the MacBook Pro. While last week’s spy photos gave us an early look at the new MacBook Pro’s frame, Hajek’s images show how the OLED touchpad could automatically change based on the apps you’re using.

Take a closer look at the rumored MacBook Pro OLED touchpad: