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Conan O’Brien spoofs iCloud hacking in YouTube video

Jimmy Kimmel is the talk show host most likely to chime in on an Apple-related topic, but with the recent news about dozens of celebrity nude images being leaked thanks to iCloud hacking, Conan O’Brien has also chipped in with his take.

In a video posted to Conan’s “Team Coco” YouTube account, O’Brien imagines what it might be like to hire a team of computer experts to hack the iCloud account of the person responsible for doing the hacking. The result is a series of amusing images showing a variety of NSFW activities, including naked bullwhip sessions, lewd acts featuring a Super Nintendo, and begging former celebrity Jon Gosselin for an autograph.

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Conan O’Brien DIY video reveals how to make your own iPad


For those tired of shelling out a few hundred bucks every time Cupertino announces a new iPad with the most minor of upgrades, late night TV show host Conan O’Brien has teamed up with comedian Matt Walsh to create a step-by-step instructional video that will guide you through the delicate process of constructing your very own iPad.

All you’ll need is some simple household items, like an etch a sketch, basic speaker wire, lots of peanut butter, and of course, duct tape.

Watch the full DIY video below:

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Conan Gets Called Out By Fan For Trying To Install iOS 7 On His iPhone 3GS [Video]


Like millions of Apple fanboys across the globe, late-night show host Conan O’Brien could not wait to update his phone to iOS 7 last month, however the results were pretty horrific, and one viewer knows exactly what caused Coco’s hellish experience – the Ginja Ninja tried to install the new OS on his unsupported iPhone 3GS.

Conan fan 4893McLovin noticed Conan’s error on the show and has now been anointed as the first viewer to have successfully challenged Conan on the Fan Correction segment of the show. Not one to be shown up, Coco crafted his own response to the error by showing a hidden segment of Eddie Cue’s presentation at the iOS 7 keynote that revealed the existence of the mystical iPhone 3GCOB.

Take a look:

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Conan Explains How To Get Your Hands On A Gold iPhone 5s [Video]

Apple VP of Gold Raffi Jaharian is back in another Conan video. This time, he’s here to tell you how to get your grimy hands on a gold iPhone 5s (because gold is BEST).

We wish it was easy as meeting one of his cousins in the back of an Apple Store, but unfortunately, the real chances of getting a gold iPhone anytime soon are slim to none.

Conan Reveals Why The Gold iPhone 5s Is The Best [Video]

We’ve already seen Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious prank with the new iPhablet iPhone, but Conan O’Brien just released his own video about the mastermind behind Apple’s latest design improvements,  and why the gold iPhone is the BEST! BEST! BEST!

Conan O’Brien Discovers Apple’s Secret iPad Mini Commercial [Video]

Each time Apple releases a new product, American TV show hosts rush out with their jokes about it. Conan O’Brien consistently comes out with the best Apple jokes, and he’s got another great one with this new video that uncovers the real reason why you want to buy an iPad mini.

Conan O’Brien: The iPhone 5’s Best Feature? Capturing Your Penis In Panorama [Video]

Conan O’Brien loves to do bits on the latest Apple product, and the latest iPhone 5 feature to become the fodder for laughs is the new Panorama feature, which Chris Parnell & Deon Cole says is the perfect photographic equipment for the well-endowed male. While Deon Cole’s delivery is perfect, it’s Chris Parnell’s matter-of-fact dissection of the joke — “that Deon is implying that his penis is too large to be capture in a normal camera aspect ratio’s field of view” — that pushes this bit over the top for me. Tell me about it. Just don’t shoot it in bright light or it’ll get a purplish hue, although chances are, if you need to shoot your penis in panorama, it’s already got one.

Conan O’Brien Takes On The Apple Vs. Samsung Case Tonight

Conan O’Brien Takes On The Apple Vs. Samsung Case Tonight

Totally different – this is a T-Shirt, not a mock turtleneck.

In a funny sneak preview clip, embedded below, Conan O’Brien plays a video from a “Samsung VP,” Nick Wood, who appears in the video to tell us all how innovative and completely different Samsung’s products are from Apple’s.

“And what about our Galaxy Tablet?” says the fake VP, while an image of the iPad next to a very similar Galaxy Tab is shown. “Not even close.”

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Humor: The Real Way People Use Siri Isn’t Nearly As Pretty As Apple Pretends It To Be [Video]

In Apple’s own soothing Siri commercial, dozens of beautiful people living in utopian cityscapes and country vistas effortlessly interact with their iPhone 4Ses as if they were confabbing with the most soliciting of manservants.

In real life, though, things aren’t quite so pretty, as TBS’s Conan O’Brien is quick to point out in this hysterical parody video in which Apple’s original ad is intercut with two disheveled grossies asking Siri to direct them towards the fastest way to Diarrheatown, or compute the circumference of their manhoods.

It is, I’m sorry to say, a perhaps accurate depiction of at least my iPhone 4S post-launch Saturday night.

Conan O’Brien: Final Cut Pro X Is Awesome! [Parody]

Tongue waggling out of a gaping hole in his cheek, Conan O’Brien and his video production team have given a strong endorsement of Apple’s contentious reboot to their professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro X.

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