iPad Mini Production To Reach 4 Million Units Per Month In September [Rumor]


Will we see more iPad mini components as production ramps up?
Will we see more iPad mini components as production ramps up?

Production of the 7.85-inch “iPad mini” is expected to ramp up next month, according to sources in Apple’s supply chain, reaching a target of 4 million units per month. Apple hopes to build enough units to launch the device before the end of the year and serve with busy holiday season.

Adding New Dock Connectors To All iOS Devices This Fall Is A Manufacturing Impossibility


In today's forecast: Lightning!
There's a good reason why this new dock connector won't be coming to all iOS devices this fall.

It seems like Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone will be the first iOS device to boast a brand new, mini dock connector when it launches this fall. But there have been rumors that claim Apple will refresh all its iOS devices to make the new connector a standard across its entire lineup.

Not only does this seem highly unlikely, but there’s one reason why it’s an impossibility: Apple’s supply chain just couldn’t handle a refresh that big.

The Next iPhone’s Leaked Battery Pack Is Thin, Higher-Capacity And Makes LTE Possible



This is the next-gen iPhone’s new battery: a 3.8V 1440mAH lithium-ion pack with a watts-per-hour measurement of 5.45 wHR. Compared to the iPhone 4S’s 1430mAH battery — which runs at 3.7V and has a watts-per-hour measurement of 5.3 — this battery has at least 10% more capacity, making it perfectly possible (and very, very likely) that the iPhone 5 will finally get LTE. It’s also thinner, seemingly confirming that the next iPhone will be the thinnest one yet.

Source: 9to5Mac

iPad 3 To Feature Dual-LED Backlight To Accommodate Retina Display [Rumor]



iPad users have been looking forward to a Retina display since the company introduced its iPhone 4 — its first iOS device to feature the high-resolution display — and recent reports have claimed the feature will finally surface with Apple’s third-generation tablet.

Strengthening those claims is a new report which suggests Apple is working with component suppliers to design a new backlight that is capable of maintaining the iPad’s existing level of brightness with the higher resolution panels.

New iPhone Front Panel Strengthens Claims Apple Will Announce Two New iPhones Next Month



For several weeks, rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone announcement this fall have mentioned two devices: the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S. While we’re all expecting the iPhone 5 to look different, boast a thinner form factor, and have updated components; the iPhone 4S is expected to look just like the iPhone 4, but could be a cheaper ‘budget’ device.

The latest components sporting that famous ‘N94’ moniker seem to strengthen those claims of a budget iPhone 4.