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New iPhone 5S Display Compared To Its Predecessor In High Quality Photos


We’ve already seen a whole bunch of iPhone 5S components over the past few months—they’ve even been shown off in hands-on videos—but these high quality images show the changes Apple has made to its Retina display when compared to the iPhone 5 model.

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iPhone 5 Repair Costs Won’t Fall Until Apple Loosens Its Control Over Components


If you drop your iPhone and you don’t have it covered by AppleCare or another insurance plan, it’s almost always cheaper to have it repaired by a third-party than it is to have Apple do it. Unless you have an iPhone 5.

Apple’s tight control over iPhone 5 components means that they’re so hard to get hold of, repair costs remain high — even with third-party services. Some have even been unable to offer iPhone 5 repairs because they cannot obtain the parts.

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Apple Stops Placing Mac Component Orders After Overestimating Demand [Rumor]


Apple has reportedly stopped placing Mac component orders after overestimating demand and placing “aggressive” orders at the end of 2012. DigiTimes reports that suppliers haven’t received any information from the Cupertino company to indicate when orders may resume.

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Chinese Scammers Fool Apple Into Supplying Genuine Parts For Fake iPhones


Fake iPhones are very easy to get hold of in China.

Five employees working at an official iPhone distributor in China have been arrested after exploiting Apple’s returns policy by exchanging fake iPhone parts for real ones. The group sent 121 fake iPhone 4S BAND parts to have them exchanged for real ones worth around CN¥400,000 ($64,117), which they then used to build and sell fake iPhones.

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Apple Cuts iPad Mini Shipments In Preparation For Next-Gen Model [Rumor]


Apple has reportedly cut its iPad mini orders for the second quarter of 2013 by as much as 20% in preparation for the next-generation device. Shipments of the current iPad mini could be as low as 10 million units during the quarter, according to “multiple sources who provide various components” for the device.

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This Might Be The First Leaked iPhone 5S Component


Is this the home button and vibrator for the iPhone 5S? Maybe! Who knows?

They come from a Japanese website, first noted by, and they purport to be the first component leaks for Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

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Leaked Images Possibly Give Our First Look At Retina iPad Mini


Although these leaked images should be taken with a huge grain of salt, multiple photos purporting to be the rear aluminum shell of the second-generation iPad mini have leaked online, showing the next mini to be slightly thicker than the existing model… highly suggestive of the next iPad mini having a Retina display.

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iPhone 5 Demand Is Doing Just Fine, Don’t Worry About The Supply Cuts [Analyst]


Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has cut its iPhone 5 component orders by as much as half following “weaker-than-expected” demand for device. The news sent Apple’s stock price plummeting, but according to some analysts, there’s nothing to worry about. iPhone 5 demand is doing just fine, according to Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu, and the component cuts are in no way related to poor demand.

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Apple’s Share Price Slides Following Report Of iPhone 5 Component Cuts


Apple’s share price has plummeted this morning, following an earlier report that said the Cupertino company had cut iPhone 5 component orders due to weaker-than-expected demand. When the market opening on Monday morning, Apple stock dropped to $16.23, or 3.1%, to $504.07.

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iPhone 5’s Logic Board With Possible A6 Processor Revealed?

iPhone 5’s Logic Board With Possible A6 Processor Revealed?

Is that an A6 chip I see?

I’ve lost count of the number of iPhone 5 parts that have leaked out of Apple’s Chinese factories. But one thing that’s been notably absent from those leaks is the device’s new processor. We’ve questioned whether it will use the same A5X chip that features in the new iPad, or whether it will get an all-new A6 processor.

Thanks to the latest leak, that has become a little clearer.

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