Motion Artist: Make Your Own Interactive Comics Simply And Easily [Deals]



All you comic lovers and designers out there…get ready. Cult of Mac Deals has some software on sale that takes your designs, characters and stories and puts them in motion to create the story you have been visualizing.

We all love having plenty of space to work and learning time-saving cool techniques. With Motion Artist you can layout comic panels and image layers in any way possible using a large, user-friendly workspace and with its dynamic camera action automatically creates a cinematic experience. And Cult of Mac Deals has this killer application for 66% off – just $19.99 – during this limited time offer.

Steve & Steve Is The Trippiest Comic About Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak You’ll Ever Read [Gallery]


Steve & Steve, an online graphic novel being undertaken by Patrick Sean Farley, has got to be the trippiest thing you’ll ever read about the friendship between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, in their early HP/Atari days.

How trippy? Well, in the graphic novel, Steve & Steve drop acid in a strange geodesic dome in the middle of the woods, where they begin to debate the origins of technology, Steve Jobs called Arthur C. Clarke a degenerate, Wozniak eludes to a strange criminal past and fantasizes about kissing a girl in his chess club. Then, a Russian nuclear weapon is fired straight at Silicon Valley… or is it?

And that’s just the prologue. It’s beautifully illustrated and written, with some incredible typography. We’ve included a few panels after the jump, but check out the official Steve & Steve site for more. This is already shaping up to be the best Steve Jobs comic we’ve ever seen.

This Is Probably Everything That Will Happen At The Apple Event Tomorrow [Image]



It seems like every time Apple has an event we all go through the same routine and emotions. You load your browser with the all the regular sites. You tweet the same witty lines. You feel disappointment in the newest product. Then the reality distortion field kicks in and you start hungering for it all the sudden.

Joy of Tech created an excellent Apple Event Checklist that knows exactly what you’re going to go through tomorrow. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be horrible. Here’s the full list:

Can’t Figure Out Who’s Going To Win Apple vs Samsung? Try Using The Verdict-O-Matic [Comic]


JoyofTech crop

Still having trouble deciding which way the wind will blow at the end of the patent trial currently being waged between Apple and Samsung? Apparently, you’re not alone,

The Joy Of Tech geniuses, Nitrozac and Shaggy, are at it again in this hilariously designed flow chart to help you make the call about who copied who in the Apple vs Samsung case. It’s fairly obvious that the comic creators are biased, but c’mon – aren’t we all, a little bit?

As we’re an Apple-facing website, we thought it our duty to bring you this, our favorite comic breakdown of the now famous patent case.