Find And Use The .com Button In iOS 7 Again [iOS Tips]


Whoot, there it is.
Whoot, there it is.

Do you miss the dedicated .com button from the iOS 6 and earlier software keyboard? Many of us do, remembering that you could tap and hold it for other oft-used URL finishers, like .net, .org, and the like.

If you want to find the .com button again, you’re out of luck, but if you want to get that same functionality in iOS 7, here’s how.

Skip The Domain Suffix And Prefix To Get To Websites Faster Via Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]

Web Prefix Suffix

Want to get to websites faster using mobile Safari? No, I’m not talking about upgrading your internet or data plan to LTE or something, though that will obviously help. No, I’m more interested in showing you how to get to most major websites with just a bit less typing involved.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward, to be honest. Here’s how.

Get To Websites Faster With Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]


mobile Safari shortcut

This one’s for those of you who have to deal with that one person. You know the one? That guy who always reads off the “www” part of web addresses. As in, “go to double-u double-u double-u A-O-L dot com.”

If you want to blow that person’s mind (and maybe get yourself to websites just a bit faster with iOS via Safari’s mobile web browser), here’s how to do it.