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A colorful theory about what Apple will announce on October 16th

Could this image be the key to what Apple will announce on October 16th?

Could this image be the key to what Apple will announce on October 16th?

In Apple’s invitation to the company’s October 16th Town Hall event at its Cupertino headquarters, the company’s tagline is: “It’s been way too long.”

This has prompted a lot of speculation. It hasn’t been too long since Apple’s last event, which was just a month ago. And there aren’t that many other Apple products that we haven’t seen updated in the last year, with the exception of Thunderbolt displays, which frankly aren’t important enough to reference in an Apple tagline that the whole world will scrutinize.

But here’s a good theory. What if the tagline doesn’t reference a single product, but a variation of product? What if we’re about to see the return of colored Macs?

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Retina MacBook Air could land next year in space gray, silver and gold


Ever since the release of the PowerBook G4, and with the exception of the plastic models, Apple has exclusively released its MacBook laptops in aluminum gray. But according to a new rumor, that may not last much longer: When Apple debuts the rumored 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina Display next year, it could come in two new colors: space gray and gold.

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This Monitor Shows Way More Colors Than Any Monitor You’ve Seen Before

This Monitor Shows Way More Colors Than Any Monitor You’ve Seen Before

Look at this graph. Just look at it. The colored section represents all color visible to the human eye. The large black triangle shows the Adobe RGB color space, which is the space used by pro apps to process images, and can be captured by some cameras.

And the little white triangle, sat in the middle cutting out a fraction of the available colors? That’s the standard sRGB color space, which is what you’re looking at now on your Mac or iPad or iPhone (but probably not on the Retina iPad mini).

That’s because monitors don’t usually display so many colors. But the Eizo ColorEdge CG247 not only displays the full gamut of Adobe RGB, it calibrates itself too.

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Too Bright? Tone Down Those iOS 7 Visuals [iOS Tips]

tone it down

iOS 7 changed the visual palette on our favorite Apple mobile devices, and it may not be to everyone’s liking.

If you want to tone it down a bit, consider darkening the colors up, and reducing the white point on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to make things just a little bit less intense.

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Colorfully Crazy TCHOW Rainbow Is Kid APProved


There are a bunch of apps out on iOS for kids, from educational apps to sports apps and more. Sure, you can get reviews of these games by adults, sometimes even from parents of kids who use them.

We thought it’d be fun, though, to ask the kids themselves.

Welcome to Kid APProved, a series of videos in which we ask our own children what they think of apps on the App Store that they’re using.

This week, it’s a game about bringing rainbows of happiness to sad, grey creatures, TCHOW Rainbow from TCHOW. Here’s what our Kid APProved reporter “Battle” thinks.

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Apple’s New Colors Make Website Look Like It’s 1996 Again



Like a bizzare flashback to the web of the 1990s, Apple has colored the background of its new iPhone pages, with a flat gold background for the gold iPhone 5s and light blue for the iPhone 5c.

While we certainly appreciate the appeal of new colors to grace our upcoming iPhones, we’re pretty shocked that someone allowed these two flat blank backgrounds to go unchallenged up on Apple’s site.

What do you think? Forward-thinking colors, or flashback web design?

The Budget iPhone In Red, Blue, Green, White And Yellow [Image]


When the first colorful shells for the so-called budget iPhone first started leaking, they seemed like they were probably fake. Surely, Apple would find some other way to skimp on their new low-end iPhone build price than by casing it all in cheapish plastic in a Froot Loop pallette of colors.

But it’s starting to look like there’s a lot of smoke for no fire, with another leak out of the Far East showing the budget iPhone in red, yellow, white, blue and green. These are starting to look real: budget iPhones with a 4-inch Retina Display that are about 2-3mm thicker than current devices, and will end the fragmentation between 3.5-inch and 4-inch displays among Apple’s for-sale iPhone range when the budget iPhones go free on contract.

What do you think of the budget iPhone’s look? Let us know in the comments.

New Components From Purported iPhone 5S Leak, Might Confirm Multiple Colors [Gallery]


With the exception of the possibility of new color offerings, we all know that the iPhone 5S will likely look pretty much identical to the iPhone 5… but that doesn’t mean things aren’t changing significantly on the inside. And BGR thinks they have proof.

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The iPhone 5S Will Have A Fingerprint Sensor And NFC [Rumor]


Even though the iPhone 5S will probably look a lot like the iPhone 5, that doesn’t mean it won’t have some cool new features.

A new rumor claims that the iPhone 5S will have both an NFC chip along with a fingerprint sensor, and that they will work in tandem to authorize easy transactions.

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Paper Update Adds Every Color You Can Think Of

Paper is an iPad app which proves that you don’t need to add bells and whistles to your software if it’s well designed. Unless your app is a bell and whistle simulator, I guess.

But Paper, which won fans with its ultra-simple interface and amazingly natural brush-and-paint engine, really was a little too stripped down. The new v1.2.1 fixes that, adding custom color palettes and a very sweet new color mixer, plus support for a pressure-sensitive stylus.

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