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This Nickelback Parody Video Destroys Instagram With Absolute Perfection [Video]

I’m an avid Instragammer. And yes, I even take pictures of food, and clouds and all that stupid stuff. It’s horrible. It’s a bad habit. I need to stop. But I can’t. Maybe if the most loathed band in the world would just make a song about how awesome Instagram is then I’d be motivated to kick the habit.

Nickelback still hasn’t worked Instagram into the lyrics of their next mega-album, but CollegeHumor just created the perfect Nickelback video that destroys Instagram and its users with such perfection it’s unbelievable.

Will it keep me from snapping a pic of the French Toast I’m going to eat for breakfast tomorrow? Nope. But I’ll get rid of all my beautiful fingernail pictures now.

When Siri Gets Stuck Between Husband & Wife [Humor]

When Siri Gets Stuck Between Husband & Wife [Humor]

We’ve seen a number of parodies that poke fun at Apple’s new intelligent assistant, but this one has to be my favorite. It’s a skit from CollegeHumor that mocks Apple’s latest Siri adverts by placing the feature in between husband and wife while they fight, and it’s hilarious.

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