Updated IFTTT Still Reigns As The Best Swiss Army Knife Of Productivity Apps


New features make IFTTT even more indispensable.
New features make IFTTT even more indispensable.

If you haven’t been using If This, Then That (IFTTT) on your iPhone or iPad, you really ought to be.

It’s a really amazing way to connect up all the things you do on your devices, putting them together in new ways for new uses.

Want to send all your iOS photos to OneNote or Evernote? There’s a recipe for that. How about making your Phillips Hue lightbulbs flash a specific color when you pull up into your driveway? There’s an IFTTT recipe for that, too.

Chances are, if you can think of it, you can make it happen, connecting different services and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your iOS Photos app, location services, and the like in fantastically useful new ways.

There’s a new update for the iOS app, and it’s got some pretty spectacular new stuff to check out.

Apple Releases iBooks 1.2 Adds PDF Printing and Collections



Apple has released an updated version of iBooks, version 1.2, introduces PDF printing and Collections. Collections allow you to organize your books and PDFs.

The app is now able to provide better graphics support for children’s books and there is even an option that will allow you to display more words per page for devices with smaller screens like the iPhone and iPod touch.

It’s available now, for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad via updates in the iTunes App Store app or grab a copy here.

Check out the iPhone 4 screen shots after the jump.