CrossOver 13 Lets You Install Windows Apps On Your Mac Without Boot Camp [Review]



Thanks to the rise of the iPhone and iPad, Windows users are switching over the Mac in greater number than ever. If you’ve spent your entire computer life playing in Windows, you’ve probably accumulated quite a few apps in your toolkit that are Windows-only and letting them go during the switch ain’t easy.

For those Mac users that are having trouble letting go, but don’t want to throw down money on a new Windows-license just to use a couple apps, CrossOver 13 for Mac will let you install and run popular Windows software without having to reboot into a separate Windows partition.

Flock The Vote With Codeweavers, Get Free CrossOver App For A Year



CodeWeavers announced today the return of Quack: Flock the Vote, a program in which Codeweavers will offer their Windows compatibility software for free download over a 24-hour period and to use for 12 months if 100,000 American voters pledge to vote in the coming elections.

The company even has a thermometer graphic to measure the number of pledges.