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The new MacBook isn’t for you, it’s for the future 

The new MacBook probably isn't for you. Photo: Apple

The new MacBook probably isn’t for you. Photo: Apple

The new MacBook is one of the most impressive pieces of technology Apple has unleashed in five years. It boasts a Retina display, USB-C, butterfly-hinged keyboard, Force Touch trackpad and terraced batteries. All crammed inside a body that’s smaller than the MacBook Air, made possible by a new fanless processor.

Despite being an unapologetically gorgeous piece of hardware, the new MacBook’s biggest weapon — the fanless processor — is also its greatest weakness.

Apple has placed the new MacBook in a category most people shouldn’t even consider buying, and that’s OK. The new MacBook isn’t for you and me, it’s for the future.

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Cheap Chromebooks teach Apple a lesson: Price matters

Chromebooks are only going to get more popular. Photo: Acer

Chromebooks are only going to get more popular. Photo: Acer

Apple and Google are very interested in taking over the U.S. education market from Microsoft, but when it comes to capturing marketshare, the Chromebook is teaching Apple an important lesson: Price matters.

For the first time ever, Google has passed Apple in the U.S. education market, according to IDC data obtained by The Financial Times, which shows Google’s Chromebook laptops are more popular now in the K-12 classrooms than the iPad.

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Los Angeles school district puts $1 billion iPad rollout on hold


The Los Angeles Unified School District decided to blow its entire $1 billion tech budget on an iPad for every student last year, but after security hacks and supply issues got the program off to a rocky start, the district has decided to adjust course and let on a few challengers.

Officials at the U.S.’s second-largest school district have decided to allow a group of high schools to choose between six devices instead of the iPad, effectively putting distribution of Apple’s tablet on hold district-wide.

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In 2013, Share Of U.S. Mac & iPad Sales Go Down, Chromebook & Android Sales Go Up


There’s good news and bad news for Apple. The good news is that the Cupertino-based company sells more tablets in America than anyone. The bad news is that Apple is selling less iPads proportionate to the total share of tablet sales than a year ago… and Mac sales are also going down.

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Google Is Now Ripping Off Apple’s Patents, Right Down To The Drawings


Google copied pretty much every aspect of iOS when it came up with Android, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the Search Giant is now shamelessly copying Apple’s patents… right down to the drawing.

As noticed by Patently Apple, on the left you have Apple’s already granted patent for a wider MacBook trackpad that would be able to use the Facetime camera to detect whether someone was just resting their hands on the trackpad, or actually using it.

On the right? A new Google patent for a Chromebook that can detect a user’s presence based upon the forward-facing camera. Notice the line drawings used for both are essentially identical. Ballsy, Google!

Apple Forced To Change Retina MacBook Pro Slogan In Wake Of Google’s Pixel Chromebook


When the MacBook Pro with Retina Display first came out, it could make a fair claim towards being “the highest-resolution notebook ever.”

Now that Google has unveiled the Pixel, a $1,300 Chromebook that does nothing but run a browser but boasts an even more pixel-dense 12.85-inch display than the MacBook Pro, though, Apple has had to change their slogan.

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Google Unveils Stupid, Expensive (But Beautiful) “Premium” Chromebook To Compete With Retina MBP


Google has just unveiled an absolutely mystifying new product apparently created by insane millionaires, for even crazier millionaires: the Pixel, a $1,300 Chromebook with a Retina-like display. Although it’s attractive and well specced, it might be the most inexplicable product announced this year.

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Google’s New Chromebook Looks Just Like The MacBook Air [Image]

Google’s New Chromebook Looks Just Like The MacBook Air [Image]

notice a resemblance?

Google just announced their newest Chromebook. It runs Google’s Chrome OS. It has an 11.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution, 6 hours of battery life, a 100 GB flash storage drive and it only costs $249. It’s beautiful. It looks just like the 11-inch MacBook Air. And of course, it’s made by Samsung.

Analyst: Apple Could Kill Off Google And Facebook With App Internet

Analyst: Apple Could Kill Off Google And Facebook With App Internet

Google’s new Chromebook? We called it the MacBook Welfare, but Forrester CEO George Colony has another term for it: “corporate idiocy.” Why? Because with iOS, Apple saw the future of computing, and that future’s not the web… it’s the app.

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