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Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield Recorded ‘Space Oddity’ Using GarageBand On His iPad! [Updated]

By now, you’ve probably see Commander Chris Hadfield’s tear-jerking farewell to the International Space Station: a cover of David Bowie’s classic space song, Space Oddity, filmed and performed by Hadfield himself in zero-g. In case you haven’t, we’ve embedded it above: it’s hard not to be proud of humanity after watching it.

But do you know how Hadfield actually recorded it? With his iPad, of course.

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International Space Station Engineer Uses iPad To Record Video Transmissions To Earth


Check this out: up on the International Space Station, Colonel Chris Hadfield uses an iPad as a teleprompter when recording transmissions for Earth. It looks like the app he’s using is Teleprompt+ for iPad, a $15 app that lets you film yourself via Facecam while reading your lines from the iPad display.