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Apple’s Official iOS 7 Adoption Numbers Make Android Look Absolutely Pathetic


Many of the stats we have about iOS marketshare and demographics come from third-party companies, most of whom are tracking ad impressions within their network. As such, their stats have the potential of being inaccurate, and need to be taken with at least a little bit of salt.

Looks like online ad network Chitika can be trusted though. Earlier this week, we reported that Chitika was now tracking 74.1% of all devices as running iOS 7. Now, Apple is backing those numbers up, and it makes Google look pathetic.

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11.8% Of All Macs Are Now Running Mavericks

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 7.41.01 AM

In the Apple world, records tend to be exponentially shattered. For example, if it took three hours for WWDC to sell out last year, it’ll probably sell out in three minutes this year. Last year, it took five weeks for OS X Mountain Lion to be installed on more than 10% of all Macs. Guess how long it took this year?

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One Year Later, 92% Of iDevice Owners Are Running iOS 6 [Chart]


With Apple set to unveil new iPhones today, we’re probably about a week away from a widescale release of iOS 7, which will mean that Apple’s seventh-generation operating system will end up dropping about a year after iOS 6. So 365 days later, how is iOS 6 doing?

Really well. In fact, according to data released by Chitika Insights, really well: it’s installed on 92% of all iOS devices.

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iPad Now Accounts For 84.3% Of All Web Traffic From Tablets


After refreshing its iPad lineup in the fall last year, rather than summer, Apple set itself up to go through a June quarter without a new iPad launch for the first time since it was introduced in 2010. Analysts are expecting Apple to announce that year-over-year iPad sales last quarter were down, but one thing that’s still up is iPad usage.

According to the latest stats from the Chitika ad network, iPads now account for 84.3% of all web traffic from tablets in June. That’s just a slight bump up from the 82.4% Apple hit in May, but it’s the iPad’s highest share of tablet web use this year.

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iPad’s Web Usage Share Hits 5 Month High


The iPad continues to dominate all other tablets in web usage in North America, according to the latest study from Chitika.

Apple’s iPad claimed 82.4% of North American tablet traffic in May, an overall share jump of 1.4% since January. Chitika breaks down the the current web traffic statistics as follows:

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After Two Weeks, iOS 6.1 Accounts For Over Half Of All iOS Web Traffic [Chart]

North AmericaniPhone iOS Version Distribution

By now we know that iOS users update their software pretty quickly. One month after Apple released iOS 6.0, the software accounted for 60% of all iOS web traffic. Now that Apple has released iOS 6.1, the latest release alone accounts for over half of all web traffic.

Chitika has been tracking iOS web traffic using ad impressions from millions of iOS devices, and the last few weeks reveal how aggressively Apple users continue to update their software.

As you can see from the chart, iOS 6.1 already accounts for 52.4% of web traffic. 6.1 was released on January 28th. Non-iOS 6 devices only account for a measly 12.4% share combined. iOS 6.1.1 was released just two days ago for only the iPhone 4S, which explains its tiny 2.2% piece of the pie.

iPad Is Still King Of The Web With 87% Of Tablet Web Traffic [Report]


Thanks to affordable offerings like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7, Android tablets continue to increase their market share and claw away at the iPad’s lead. However, Apple’s tablet remains king of the web, accounting for a whopping 87% of tablet web traffic in North America.

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Google Maps Boosts iOS 6 Adoption By 29% [Report]

Google Maps Boosts iOS 6 Adoption By 29% [Report]

It seems Apple’s problematic new Maps app was discouraging a lot of people from upgrading to iOS 6, the Cupertino company’s latest software. But now that Google Maps is official available as a native iOS app, there’s nothing to stop users from finally performing the upgrade. In fact, its arrival boosted iOS 6 adoption by 29%.

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Google Maps For iPhone Release Didn’t Really Affect iOS 6 Adoption At All [Report]

Google Maps For iPhone Release Didn’t Really Affect iOS 6 Adoption At All [Report]

Have you been waiting for Google Maps to come back to the App Store before you update to iOS 6? Given the incredibly harsh media attention that Apple Maps has received since iOS 6 went live back in September, you’d think that there would be a significant number of users holding out for Google Maps to make its triumphant return.

Since the release of Google Maps a few days ago, there hasn’t been a noticeable spike in iOS 6’s adoption rate. In fact, it’s had no real impact on users updating to iOS 6 at all. Was the ‘Mapplegate‘ fiasco really that exaggerated?

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60% Of iPhones Have Installed iOS 6, But Only 39% Of iPod Touches Have Adopted It

60% Of iPhones Have Installed iOS 6, But Only 39% Of iPod Touches Have Adopted It

iOS 6 is spreading like wildfire across Apple’s iDevices. Within two days of its release a quarter of all iOS devices had adopted Apple’s newest mobile operating system, and its use continues to grow. Chitika Insights has released their new data on iOS 6 adoption rates and they’ve found that 60% of iPhone users have already installed iOS 6, but only 39% of iPod touch users are on the new iOS.

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