iPhones 6s captures China’s beauty (and liberates Nat Geo photog)



The new camera on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have already been put to the test in the fashion world, and on the baseball diamond, and now ahead of the device’s release tomorrow, National Geographic is showing fans what the new 12MP sensor can do when it replaces your entire camera bag.

National Geographic sent Mark Leong to the Chinese city of Sanjiang to retrace the first road trip that set the tone for his career as a professional photographer. Instead of lugging around his DSLR and suitcase of extra gear though, Leong was only allowed to shoot with the iPhone 6s Plus, which he says turned out to be ‘incredibly liberating.’

Take a look at some of the stunning images he captured:

Apple takes steps to avoid a repeat of XcodeGhost debacle


Double-check that you're using the right version of Xcode to build apps.
Apple will provide Chinese users with a local official version of Xcode to download.
Photo: Johan Larrson/Flickr

Apple is taking steps to avoid a repeat of this week’s serious XcodeGhost incident — in which hundreds of App Store apps were discovered to include malware in the form of a counterfeit version of Xcode, the platform used by developers to build their apps.

Apple Pay is one step closer to arriving in China


Photo: Adrian Korte CC
Tim Cook has said bringing Apple Pay to China is a top priority.
Photo: Photo: Adrian Korte CC

Apple Pay is a bit closer to making its debut in China — thanks to a new company, Apple Technology Service (Shanghai) Ltd., which Apple has set up to operate in the Shanghai free-trade zone with the express purpose of running its mobile payment service.

Apple has reportedly seeded the new company with registered capital of $13.4 million, and names Apple’s VP and corporate treasurer Gary Joseph Wipfler as its legal representative and chairman.

Chinese sperm bank wants you to swap your swimmers for an iPhone 6s


A fair trade?
Photo: Cult of Mac

China seems to have a bit of a problem with certain members of the population trying to trade vital organs for Apple’s next-gen iPhone 6s.

Responding to this, a local sperm bank at Renji Hospital in Shanghai is offering donors the cash to buy Apple’s new handset in exchange for a sperm sample.

“No need to sell your kidneys – you can easily have a 6s,” the hospital writes in an online posting.

That’s advice worth living by!

Crazy Apple fans tried to sell their kidneys for iPhone 6s


iPhone 6s gets the biggest iSight upgrade yet.
Taking out a kidney's as easy as popping out an iPhone camera lens. Or something.
Photo: Apple

How much do you want an iPhone 6s? Probably not as much as the two men in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province who reportedly attempted to sell their kidneys to buy Apple’s latest must-have handset.

The bizarre story claims that friends Wu and Huang decided to sell a kidney each to get the money for an iPhone (mistake No. 1), and found an illegal agent on the Internet (mistake No. 2) who would help them.