Apple has crucial deal in place to bring Apple Pay to China


Photo: Adrian Korte CC
Apple Pay is on the verge of arriving in China.
Photo: Adrian Korte CC

Apple has come to a preliminary agreement with China UnionPay to introduce Apple Pay in China through UnionPay’s point-of-sales network.

The deal — which builds on this week’s report that Apple Pay will be coming to China by February 2016 — will help UnionPay and Chinese banks to fend off third-party payment services like those belonging to Alibaba and Tencent.

Apple Pay may arrive in China by February


Apple may soon give you the option to make payments directly to family and friends from your checking account.
It seems that Apple's wait may almost be over.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Tim Cook has described his desire to bring Apple Pay to China as “top of the list” in terms of priorities — and now it seems like he may finally be on the verge of hitting his goal.

According to a new report, it is hoped that Apple Pay will launch in China by early February, after Apple struck deals with China’s four biggest state-run banks.

China’s secret shops can upgrade your 16GB iPhone to 128GB


In China, a 16GB iPhone 6 can be upgraded to 128GB for $100 or less.
In China, a 16GB iPhone 6 can be upgraded to 128GB for $100 or less.
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China’s legendary black markets have goods and services for every need, from organs to counterfeit designer handbags. For cashed-strapped Apple fans in this communist country, there’s also a thriving market around iPhone upgrades.

For as little as $100 U.S. dollars, the 16GB iPhone can get upgraded to 126GB. That’s a big deal to Chinese consumers, who have trouble affording the 16GB iPhone 6 at just over $700, let alone any models with more capacity.

Tim Cook defends faltering Chinese economy


Tim Cook says Apple will continue to invest in China.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook has stuck his neck out again in support of the Chinese economy, saying that Apple will continue to pour money into the market, despite a slowing stock market and economy.

“I know some people are worried about the economy,” Cook said in an interview with the Chinese Xinhua news agency. “We’ll continue to invest. China is a superb place to be. Nothing has changed that.”