Apple products subject to secretive Chinese security reviews

The Chinese government is snooping on Apple devices.
Photo: Apple

Chinese authorities are scrutinizing Apple devices before allowing them to be sold in the country, claims a new report.

The reviews involve Chinese officials requiring executives of foreign tech companies to answer questions in person, with the concern being that companies like Apple may be forced to trade trade secrets for market access.

GarageBand celebrates Chinese music with big content update

GarageBand just got an update with China in mind.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook’s in China right now, and what better way to showcase Apple’s dedication to growing its Chinese customer base than by updating GarageBand for Mac and iOS with new instruments intended to, “celebrate the rich history of Chinese music?”

The update adds 300 new Chinese musical loops including guzheng, dizi, yangqin and Peking Opera samples, as well as a plethora of Chinese musical instruments such as the pipa, erhu, and Chinese percussion.

Apple may have to fight China for iPhone graphics chip maker

iPhone SE 7
China just made a big investment in the company which makes PowerVR graphics chips for iPhones.
Photo: Sam Mills/Cult of Mac

Right now it seems like Apple is set for a collision of sorts with the Chinese government — and things may not be helped by the fact that a state-owned Chinese company just bought a stake in Imagination Technologies, a British chip design company Apple was previously reported as being in “advanced talks” to acquire.

Tim Cook will face off with Chinese officials this month

Cook could be headed for a shoot-out in China. Not literally, of course.
Photo: The West/Ste Smith

Tim Cook is set for a verbal shootout in China as he meets with high-ranking officials in Beijing later this month to discuss some critical issues Apple faces in the country.

The visit comes at a time when Apple is facing various problems in China, including the loss of its exclusive iPhone trademark, and the Chinese government’s decision to ban the company from operating its iBooks and iTunes Movies stores locally.