First Macau Apple Store will open later this month


Apple is growing like a weed in China. Apple's retail stores have always been attractive places, but their newest store in the West Lake shopping center in Hangzhou, China, is more than attractive: it's gorgeous. Credit: Apple
The Apple Store in Hangzhou, China.
Photo: Apple

Apple may be running into roadblocks during its expansion in China, but that’s not stopping the company from pushing forward with its retail plans — with Macau, a glitzy city often referred to as the “Las Vegas of China,” set to receive its first Apple Store later this month.

According to Apple, the store will open at 10am local time on June 25, based at the upmarket Galaxy Macau resort shopping mall. Its opening will mark the 41st dedicated Apple Store to open in China.

Why India may not be the China substitute Apple’s hoping for

India is a project for the long haul it seems!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

With Apple running into problems in China, it’s been upping its focus on India as another relatively untapped market where Cupertino hopes to expand its market share. But can India, which has a population of 1.25 billion people, really serve as a substitute for China, with its comparative 1.36 billion people?

Not according to a group of Mizuho Securities analysts, who argue that regulatory politics, competition, low wages and lack of carrier support are all obstacles in India which means it will struggle to offset a slowdown in Apple’s China business.

Watch Tim Cook jam with one of China’s biggest pop stars

Tim Cook is ready to rock you.
Tim Cook is ready to rock you.
Photo: Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook will probably never win a Grammy for his erhu skills but he can say that he got to have an erhu jam battle with one of Asia’s biggest popstars.

During his star-studded tour of China, Tim Cook met up with JJ Lin to play a new song on the new Garageband app that’s been updated to celebrate China’s musical history with over 300 musical samples, and new instruments like Chinese percussions, pipa and erhu.

Checkout Cook playing JJ Lin’s new song “The Key” on his iPad: