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China’s biggest carriers spill specs for ‘iPhone Air’ and ‘iPhone Pro’

(Picture: China Telecom)

(Picture: China Telecom)

Days after China Mobile, aka the world’s largest mobile carrier, started taking preorders for the iPhone 6, rivals China Telecom and China Unicom (the second- and third-largest carriers in the country) have pointed out that they too will be selling Apple’s eagerly anticipated next-gen handset.

Referring to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as the “iPhone Air” and the 5.5-inch variant as the “iPhone Pro,” China Unicom has put up a pricing list for the devices, showing how cost will vary according to storage capacity and form factor.

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The world’s largest carrier is already taking preorders for the iPhone 6

China Telecom, a competitor to China Mobile, has also teased the iPhone 6 ahead of its unveiling.

China Telecom, a competitor to China Mobile, has also teased the iPhone 6 ahead of its unveiling.

Apple hasn’t announced the iPhone 6 yet, but that isn’t stopping the world’s largest carrier from opening up preorders.

In Beijing, China Mobile has begun accepting preorders for the unreleased smartphone in both 4.7 and 5.5-inch sizes.

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iPhone 6 will run on all major Chinese networks


Pretty much everyone already knows that the iPhone 6 is coming out next month, but one of Apple’s carrier partners in China just couldn’t hold onto the secret anymore, and announced to customers on Weibo that it will sell an unlocked iPhone 6.

The ad was quickly deleted, however, it did reveal that Apple plans to release a single version of the iPhone 6 that supports all the wireless networks in the China for the first time ever.

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App Store Revenue Grew 70% In China Last Quarter


Apple’s continued Chinese expansion saw App Store revenue in China increase by 70% last quarter. That’s according to figures from a new Q1 2014 report from app analytics firm App Annie.

Key to this increase is the China Mobile deal which was announced at the end of last year, opening up Apple’s potential customer base to the 763 million users currently on the country’s biggest mobile network.

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Google Heats Your Home And A New Jobs Film Is Penned On The CultCast

Google Heats Your Home And A New Jobs Film Is Penned On The CultCast

This time on the CultCast: Google buys Nest and their 100 ex-Apple employees, but why? Aaron Sorkin’s Jobs biopic finally gets a script, Kutcher’s Jobs just gets a Razzie nod; plus, iOS finally gets a full-size gaming controller!

Enjoy a few laughs whilst getting caught up on each week’s best Apple stories! Stream or download new and past episodes of The CultCast now on your Mac or iDevice by subscribing on iTunes, or hit play below and let the audio adventure begin.

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Google Heats Your Home And A New Jobs Film Is Penned On The CultCast

This Week in Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple Gallops Into China

Cover: Rob LeFebvre.

Cover: Rob LeFebvre.

This week, Cult of Mac Magazine explores how Apple will reboot China, and why you, the aficionado, should care.

2014 is the year of the horse: seen as an auspicious symbol for swift success, it bodes well for Apple. The Cupertino company launches its deal with China mobile around the same time as the year changes over, a deal Tim Cook called a “watershed” moment.

Author and reporter Luke Dormehl delves into the factors that will shift Apple’s strategy there as it hopes to reach over 700 million potential fanatics and why this year we may begin to see the transition into “designed in California, built for Asia.” Hong-Kong based tech reporter Truman Au takes a look at local iPhone culture and why the gold iPhone is the choice of device – and matching cars, bags and shoes — for the country’s new rich.

As always, we’ll have the best in new apps, music, books and movies plus answers to your most pressing Apple-related questions from an actual Genius.

Cult of Mac Magazine

China Mobile Finally Begins Selling iPhones To Its 763 Million Customers


After years of speculation — and some incredibly drawn-out contract negotiations along the way — China Mobile finally began selling iPhones today.

Tim Cook was in Beijing for the launch, where he handed out autographed iPhones to customers, alongside China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua. Cook tweeted the following:

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China Mobile Is Receiving 60,000 iPhone Pre-Orders Per Day


According to Tim Cook there is good reason to feel excited about the possibilities offered by Apple’s deal with China Mobile.

Cook — who is currently in Beijing ahead of the iPhone going on sale on the China Mobile network this Friday — said he is “incredibly optimistic” about Apple’s partnership with the world’s largest mobile carrier.

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China Mobile Receives 100,000 iPhone Preorders In 2 Days


The iPhone won’t officially launch on China Mobile until January 17, but the world’s largest mobile carrier has already begun accepting preorders for the iPhone 5s and 5c.

In terms of numbers, analysts Wedge Partners place the preorder figure at around 100,000 for the first two days of availability.

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Apple Has Clearly Been Good This Year As Stock Surges To 2013 High


Tim Cook has talked about this being an “iPad Christmas”, but plain calling it an Apple Christmas might be altogether more accurate — as Apple surged to a 2013 new stock high following news of the recent China Mobile deal.

Apple stock gained 3.8 percent to end Monday trading at $570.09, reflecting what Creative Technologies analyst Tim Bajarin has called, “a huge deal for Apple.”

Although it hit several year highs over the past several months, Apple stock prices had been depressed for some of 2013 as investors appeared concerned regarding a supposed lack of innovation from the company.

More recently, share prices had wavered as nervous shareholders fretted that the long-reported China Mobile deal wasn’t happening as fast as they hoped.

Although analysts are still arguing over the long-term impact the China Mobile deal is likely to have, this strong year finish nonetheless bodes well for Apple in 2014.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google shares also finished strong after the day’s trading.