The Impossible Line Is A One-Trick Pony, But It’s A Pretty Cool Trick [Review]


The Impossible Line

Is your iPhone’s screen shamefully free of smudges? Do you want to test your memory, spatial awareness, and patience simultaneously? Do you love chalk?

The Impossible Line by Motion Imaging
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

If your answer to any of the previous questions was anything above “Yeah, I guess,” then you might want to check out publisher Chillingo’s puzzle offering, The Impossible Line. It’s out now, it works on your iPhone or iPad, and it does one thing really well: make you swear at a tiny triangle.

John Woo Attacks iOS With Upcoming On-Rails Escort-Mission Game,Bloodstroke



If you’re a fan of famous action director John Woo, you’ll be as excited as we were when we heard that he’s working on an iOS game, Bloodstroke, in development with Moonshark Games (Stan Lee’s Verticus, Neil Gaiman’s Wayward Manor) and to be published by Chillingo.

AppAdvice reports that the game will be an on-rails top-down action game that tasks players with protecting and escorting their in-game employer through hazardous level after level.

Starbucks’ Pick Of The Week Is ‘Cyto’s Puzzling Adventure,’ A Pretty Fun Little Game On The App Store


Hello, Cyto!
Hello, Cyto!

You may know that Starbucks, perhaps the most ubiquitous coffee shop in the US and beyond, gives out free iTunes stuff each week. Sometimes it’s songs, sometimes TV show episodes, and sometimes Apps.

This week, Starbucks is giving away Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure, a cute little regularly $0.99 game that sees you flinging a little cell-like organism around a beautiful, organic-looking playing field to recover his memories.

Room 8, the game’s developer, sent us an email to let us know.

Tiny Troopers Storm The Mac Platform After Success On iOS



Finnish gaming company Kukouri Mobile Entertainment created and developed Tiny Troopers, which was picked up by Chillingo, one of the larger and more successful iOS publishing company, itself owned now by Electronic Arts (EA). Tiny Troopers was released to iPhone and iPad as a universal app at the beginning of June, updated a month later, and then given a price drop mid-July.

Today, excitingly, it’s available for pre-order on Mac via Iceberg Interactive, an up-and-coming publisher of Mac, Linux, and PC games. Iceberg Interactive may best be known for Oil Rush, a real-time naval strategy game for all three computer platforms.

Sega Puts Its Own Muscle Behind Promising Game Developers, Releases Jack Lumber To iOS


A lumberjack with a profound hatred for trees.
A lumberjack with a profound hatred for trees.

Well-known video game developer and publisher, Sega, is taking a cue from publishers like Chillingo and helping indie game studios find their footing in an uncertain market.

The initiative, called the Sega Alliance, will assist independent developers with creative consultation, marketing, production, localization, and distribution tasks. The first indie studio to get this special support from Sega is Owlchemy Labs, the makers of Smuggle Truck and Snuggle Truck for iOS, Mac, and PC.