Apple Pay is so cool, even hipster rockstars are using it


Live fast, die young, pay for your purchases using Apple Pay. Photo: Chase.
Live fast, die young, pay for your purchases using Apple Pay. Photo: Chase.

NFC payments might be easy, but up until now it’s fairly safe to say that they’ve never been cool in the conventional sense. Hoping to change that perspective is a new TV spot by Chase bank, which shows Apple Pay being used by super-cool indie band Bleachers.

The ad shows the indie band travelling around Los Angeles, buying items with their iPhones. In a sense, it’s a bit similar to Eddy Cue’s recent Apple Pay demo, except instead of being a middle-aged man buying Frozen toys, it’s a rockin’ pop band buying custom guitars, cool haircuts and nachos.

Check out the ad after the jump.

Amazon Rewards credit card now supports Apple Pay


Amazon Rewards Visa in Passbook. Screenshot: Alex Heath/ Cult of Mac
Amazon Rewards Visa in Passbook. Screenshot: Alex Heath/Cult of Mac

Amazon added Apple Pay support today for its Rewards Visa.

Since Chase, the Amazon rewards card issuer, was an Apple Pay launch partner, some speculated that Amazon intentionally opted out of Apple’s mobile payments system. But Amazon quickly confirmed this week that it was working on adding support for its credit card in the near future. Now it’s followed through.

How Old Business Macs Will Help Kids Meet Their Future Role Models [Sponsored Post]


Still useful after retirement -- this laptop computer used to work in a bank but now helps children facing adversity to thrive in a nationwide mentoring program.


This post is brought to you by Chase — innovator of the Tech Warehouse program. The program was designed to leverage the benefits of sustainable management of resources at their end of life in order to make a positive impact on the world. Learn more here.

Computers that were once employed for business purposes at JPMorgan Chase and have reached their end of usefulness are not going to waste anymore, thanks to the the Tech Warehouse program.

Through Tech Warehouse, JPMorgan Chase and Good360 are providing non-profit organizations and schools with refurbished computers that are equipped with basic peripherals and OS software, allowing them to enhance their tech capabilities…. and their local communities.

Teens Use iPads To Transform Their Neighborhood [Sponsored Post]


Teacher Enrique Legaspi at work for College Track.

This post is brought to you by Chase — a strong supporter of TRANS4M Boyle Heights, a program that provides multiple social services that address Boyle Heights’ particular needs. Learn more here.

While some kids are at goofing off at camp or watching re-runs this summer, a group of teens in Los Angeles are reinventing their neighborhood with the help of iPads.

They’re taking part in a new Digital Storytelling class and the first assignment – run as a contest – is to see who comes up with the best ideas for transforming Boyle Heights. This East Los Angeles neighborhood, described by singer who grew up there as a “wasteland” is also home to one of the youngest populations in the city.