Now is a great time to sell your old MacBook


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This guy spilled his coffee and then sold us his laptop....
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You can still make money off your aging MacBook. Yeah, even those dusty old white ones from 2008. The Cult of Mac Buyback program will pay you cash for your Apple laptop, whether it’s the newest 15-inch MacBook Pro or a clunker you haven’t touched in five years.

With new MacBook Pro models likely coming soon, it’s a great time to clear out old gear and pad your bank account so you can afford an upgrade.

Want to sell your iPhone? Better do it soon

It's a great time to convert your Apple gear into cash.
It's a great time to convert your Apple gear into cash.
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Although WWDC is mostly software focused, it’s also significant reminder that Apple is always moving forward with new devices and other big announcements on the horizon.

Unfortunately for us Apple addicts that means you have to be prepared to shell cash when Apple busts out a surprise ‘One more thing…’ announcement, but it turns out Apple devices are a really good way to recoup some of those costs.

Liam can’t recycle every iPhone, even with 29 arms

Apple's new robot, Liam, is a recycling machine, but so are we...
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Liam, Apple’s robot that deconstructs iPhones to mine the valuable resources inside them, is certainly cool — but he’s still not the recycling machine we deserve (or need).

Just like any Apple product, Liam was designed to work well. But how much good does the robot, which took three years to develop and build, actually do?

It might be time to sell your iPad


This girl is using her iPad, but you probably aren't
It might be time to say "goodbye" to your iPad (and "hello" to some cold, hard cash).
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Today is the best day to sell your iPad. Why? Because with the powerful new iPad Air 3 likely coming next month, prices on older gear will soon drop.

If you’ve got an ancient iPad laying around, or even if you’re over your giant iPad Pro, sell your Apple tablet now before the bottom drops out — we’ll pay you for it through the Cult of Mac buyback program.

Even the U.S. government thinks you should recycle your old devices


We should probably start recycling more if we want Earth to stay this beautiful...
We should probably start recycling more if we want Earth to stay this beautiful...
Photo: NASA

Honestly, you know things are grave when the U.S. government thinks we’re behind on something. According to the Government Accountability Office, the United States has dismally low recycling rates for used TVs, computers and other devices.

There’s no national infrastructure for a strong recycling program, so states are left to take on the problem themselves, leading to a patchwork of regulations and inconsistencies on how to deal with it. Luckily, Cult of Mac can help Mother Earth and you at the same time — check out our Apple devices buyback program to either sell or straight-up recycle your used or broken gear.