Apple’s Spaceship Designers Are Going To Revamp Apple Stores Now Too



Apple’s new spaceship headquarters look pretty amazing. Even though the mothership is still a year behind schedule, Apple loves the design of it so much, that they want the architectural firm who created the mothership to redesign some Apple Stores too.

Foster + Partners architecture firm has just signed a deal with Apple to work on new designs for some of its retail stores.

Apple’s Upcoming Spaceship Campus Gets Delayed Until Mid-2016


Apple's spaceship campus as it will eventually appear.
Apple's Spaceship campus won't be ready in 2015 as originally planned.

Apple’s upcoming Spaceship campus, which was presented to the city of Cupertino by Steve Jobs shortly before he passed away last year, has been delayed until mid-2016. Bloomberg reports the new building won’t be finished until later than previously projected, but insists there have been no major changes to the plans that were originally unveiled.

This Is The Gigantic Underground Auditorium Where Apple Will Unveil All Its Future Products


The City of Cupertino has just released a slew of new plans and technical drawings for Apple’s proposed Spaceship Campus, which is set to finish construction in 2015.

The most interesting part of these plans, though? The plans for a massive new subterranean auditorium for future Apple press announcements. This will be where Apple unveils products like the ninth-generation iPhone, the seventh-generation iPad, the future Apple HDTV and other magical gadgets we haven’t even thought of ye.

Here’s some pictures of the auditorium. It’s like a giant secret lair!

Steve Jobs Wanted To Dress Up As Willy Wonka & Provide Tour Of Apple Campus For Millionth iMac Purchase


Steve wanted to wear a purple suit and top hat and provide a tour of Apple's Cupertino campus for the one millionth iMac.
Steve wanted to wear a purple suit and top hat and provide a tour of Apple's Cupertino campus for the one millionth iMac.

Ken Segall’s new book, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drive Apple’s Success, made its debut this week, and one of the more entertaining anecdotes within details Steve Jobs’s plans to celebrate the one millionth iMac purchase.

Rather than a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card like the company usually offers up for milestone App Store downloads, Steve wanted to play Willy Wonka and provide the lucky customer with a golden ticket that would entitle them to a full refund on their iMac purchase and a personal tour around Apple’s Cupertino campus.