iPhone 7 might be much more exciting than we thought


iPhone 7 clone
You'll probably want to upgrade to iPhone 7.
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The iPhone 7 might look two years old when it goes on sale this September, but it will be much more exciting than you anticipated, according to the latest claims from Deutsche Bank analysts.

Apple’s 4.7-inch model is expected to get an upgraded camera with optical image stabilization, a Force Touch home button, “professional-class waterproofing,” and more.

All the iOS 10 beta 3 changes that make iPhone even better


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Apple made a lot of improvements to iOS 10.
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Apple’s jam-packed iOS 10 update has gotten even better in its third beta, which brings a bunch of tiny new features that start to make iOS 10 feel like a polished product.

The list of changes in iOS 10 beta 3, which was seeded to developers this week, isn’t as long as the last update. But Apple has added some really nice tweaks to the lock screen, Apple Music, iCloud Drive and Messages, in addition to a ton of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Check out the most important new additions to Apple’s upcoming mobile OS, which is slated to launch on iPhones and iPads this fall:

Apple camera system could fix the most annoying thing about concerts


Concert photography could soon be banned.
Concert photography could soon be banned.
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Nothing is worse at concerts than having some dude block your view of the band for 45 minutes to take crappy iPhone pics. But those days may be coming to an end soon thanks to Apple.

The company was recently granted a patent that would allow concerts and other private events to block iPhone users from taking photos and videos of the event by using infrared signals.

iPhones keep talk show alive during power outage


iPhone saves the day... and the shoot.
Photo: France 2

A French TV station turned to iPhones to keep a popular talk show alive during a recent power outage. Much of On n’est pas couché was shot using Apple’s smartphones and limited lighting, but the footage still made it into the final broadcast.