iPhone camera may get a 3D upgrade


iphone 7 plus camera
Apple's dual lens camera could be just the beginning!
Photo: Apple

Everyone might be talking about OLED displays, wireless charging and a new glass enclosure as the big selling points of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8, but a new report suggests the camera might be in for a major upgrade as well.

According to a report citing folks in the supply chain, Apple is investigating the possibility of a camera module boasting a 3D array, allowing for possible 3D depth mapping.

iPhone’s dual-lens camera may get stabilization upgrade next year


Does your iPhone 7 Plus hiss?
Next year's dual-lens camera will get a big upgrade.
Photo: Apple

The dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is set to get a big stabilization upgrade next year.

While Apple only added optical image stabilization to the wide-angle lens on the camera this year, a new report claims that Apple plans to bring the feature to the telephoto lens in 2017.

Apple Watch strap adds two HD cameras


Is this a useful use-case for the Apple Watch? This company hopes so.
Photo: Glide

If you’re disappointed that the Apple Watch doesn’t boast a built-in camera, you may be interested to hear about a new watch band available for pre-order today.

Called CMRA, the third-party Apple Watch strap boasts a pair of HD camera with the ability for users to carry out “seamless photo and video capture” directly from their wrists.