Readdle Discounts Its Best Productivity Apps By Up To 80% For Black Friday [Deals]


Now on!
Now on!

Readdle, the developer behind some of the most popular productivity apps for iOS, has discounted a few of its best offerings for Black Friday. Some of which are down by as much as 80%, while PDF Expert for iPhone is now completely free. We’ve got a complete list of the reductions below, but remember: they’re only for a limited time, so grab the while you can.

Update Contacts In Mountain Lion To Include Twitter Names With One Click [OS X Tips]



Adding Twitter information to your contacts has been a slow, manual, one-contact-at-a-time affair. If you wanted to get all your friends’ Twitter names into the Contacts App before OS X Mountain Lion, you’d need to open Contacts, edit each contact, and paste or type their info into their specific contact card. The length of time that would take, depending on the number of folks you know and/or follow on Twitter, kept most of us from even thinking about doing it.

However, with Mountain Lion, Apple and Twitter have made it a lot easier. Here’s how to add them all in one fell swoop.

New iOS 6 Privacy Settings Limit Access To Photos, Contact, Calendars And More



Photo apps need never confuse morons again.

The iOS6 beta brings much finer-grained controls to the privacy settings, letting you specify just what services any app will have access to. Previously you’d get an alert whenever an app wanted to know your location. Now you’ll see the same kind of alert when apps ask to use data from your calendars, contacts, reminders and photos.

How Can I Transfer Contacts from my Old iPad to a New Mac? [Ask MacRx]



Sometimes when moving to a newer computer, you realize only after the old system is gone that you’re missing some data. With the proliferation of iPhones and iPads, cloud based services can help transfer things like Contacts and Calendars if incomplete:

My old Mac Pro was running OS X 10.4.11 and my new MacBook Pro came with Snow Leopard. Using Migration assistant just about everything except Contacts transferred correctly. Now the Mac Pro is across the country in NV and I am near DC. The only thing that has my old Contacts is my iPad. How do I transfer my old Contacts from the iPad to the new MacBook Pro without losing them when I sync?


iPhoto 9.1 Update Brings Back Calendars, Fixes Bugs



Apple has released the second update to its new iPhoto ’11 application today, and version 9.1 reintroduces support for creating photo calendars that had disappeared in the iPhoto ’11 release.

The update also provides additional letterpress themes for holiday greeting cards, and fixes several bugs.

This update adds several new print product options to iPhoto ’11. It also improves overall stability and addresses a number of other minor issues.

  • Provides the ability to create and order calendars in iPhoto.
  • Additional letterpress holiday greeting card themes are now available.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented videos downloaded from MobileMe or Flickr from importing correctly into iPhoto events.

The update is recommended for all users of iPhoto ’11.

This is the second update to iPhoto ’11 since its release just over two weeks ago. Apple quickly released the 9.0.1 update last week to address an issue that caused many users to lose their iPhoto data when upgrading from iPhoto ’09.

The iPhoto 9.1 update weighs in at just over 186 MB and can be downloaded via Software Update on your Mac, or from Apple’s download page.