Add To Your Design Toolbox With The Name Your Own Price B2B Designer Bundle [Deals]


We’re back with another “name your own price” offer here at Cult of Mac Deals.

That’s right. We’ve partnered with one of the world’s finest designers to bring you The Name Your Own Price B2B Designer Bundle. You pay what you want for the Business Cards, Web Banners, and Twitter Bootstrap Pricing Tables and if you pay more than the average price, you’ll receive all 9!

Card Now Fakes Printing Your Real Business Card – You Know, For Laughs [Review]


Turn your iPhone into a printer
Turn your iPhone into a printer

I didn’t expect Card Now to actually make me laugh, but it did. The idea of a business card-conjuring trick app made me shiver with horror – why would I inflict such a thing on other people?

But the reality, when I tried it out, was hilarious. When I “magically” pulled a freshly-printed business card off of my phone’s screen and into the real world, people’s reactions were delightful. I ended up laughing out loud.