This badass business card is made from an iPhone screen


Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac  This business card was made for an Apple engineer out of a genuine iPhone screen.
This business card, created from an actual iPhone screen, was made for an Apple engineer (whose name has been removed by request). Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Every year at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, a million and one business cards get handed out. Most end up in a desk drawer or, worse, the circular file. But last year one card stood out.

This glass business card is made from an actual iPhone screen, sourced from Foxconn’s factories in China. The lettering is laser-etched into the hardened Gorilla Glass — a very complex process.

The card belongs to an Apple engineer, who hung it on a lanyard around his neck. Everywhere he went, people pawed at it.

“Everyone was grabbing it asking him, ‘How the heck did you do that?'” said the card’s creator, who made a batch of 10 for the engineer.

The first question we had when we got our hands on one was, where do we put in our order? Unfortunately, that ain’t gonna happen.

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