Look high, look low: Teleport your head with this weird device



Out on the street with the EYEteleporter. Photo: EYEteleporter

Looking low. Photo: EYEteleporter

Two mirrors are required to get you looking the right way. Photo: EYEteleporter

Looking High. Photo: EYEteleporter

The new things you will be able to see with your EYEteleporter. Photo: EYEteleporter

Tired of looking at the world from the same old perspective? Need a fresh take on things? A new point of view?

Well, you have less than two weeks to get your hands on an EYEteleporter, an outlandish, periscope-style device that will give you a unique perspective on the world.

Eight iPhone Apps To Help You Survive Burning Man



48,000 people are about to descend on Black Rock City, Nevada to join in the Burning Man festival experiment. There’s going to be art galore, crazy events, weird costumes for days, and the brutal Black Rock Desert meting out its hellish punishments on each and every Burner.

Making the trip to BRC is easy, but surviving is entirely different, so we’ve found eight great apps that will help you get out of the desert alive: