Why Angela Ahrendts Is Stalling Apple: Money



Apple’s incoming SVP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts, is one of Cupertino’s most widely anticipated hires in ages. The CEO of popular fashion chain Burberry, Ahrendts is so well-suited to lead Apple’s retail ambitions, and such a powerhouse executive in her own right, that many have wondered if Tim Cook is planning to have her replace him as CEO when he retires.

But when is Ahrendts going to join Apple officially? She was originally expected this month, but it’s now looking like she might push her start until June.

Why? Why else. Money.

Fortune Lists Apple’s New Retail Chief As World’s Fourth Top Executive



Tim Cook caused quite a stir in the worlds of both tech and fashion earlier this year when he announced that Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts would be leaving the famous trench-coat maker to head up Apple’s retail divisions.

Ahrendts new position at Apple alone wields great power, but when you combine it with her incredible turn around of the Burberry brand, its no wonder many are starting to consider her one of the most powerful executives in the world, which is exactly why Fortune placed Ahrendts at #4 of its annual list of the top people in business.

She doesn’t take over at Apple until Spring 2014 but Ahrendts received the nod from the business mag for her work redefining Burberry’s brand and the subsequent 29% bump in the company’s stock price.

Here’s Fortune’s praise for Ahrendts:

Apple Appoints Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts As SVP Of Retail & Online Stores



Apple has today announced that Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, will be joining the Cupertino company to take up a newly-created position as senior vice president of retail and online stores. Ahrendts will report directly to CEO Tim Cook and will oversee the strategic direction, expansion, and operation of Apple’s retail business.

Burberry Puts iPhone 5s Slow-Mo Video On Full Display At London Fashion Show [Video]



Touch ID is getting a lot of the attention among the iPhone 5s’ new features, but Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey has been obsessing over one Jony Ive’s other new additions to the iPhone 5s: Slow-mo.

Apple and Burberry teamed up for fashion week in London and shot Burberry’s entire Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show using nothing but the iPhone 5s for video and photos, the results of which are pretty damn impressive. Slow-mo makes a number of appearances in the full video posted below as the camera switches from 120FPS and then back to 30FPS with relative ease while recording. Pretty spectacular for a mere smartphone.

Instagram is going to be flooded with millions of half-assed slow-mo videos in just a few short days, but Burberry posted a couple of short slow-mo clips to Instagram as well that you can check out below :

New iPhone 5s To Hit Runway At Chavvy Burberry Show



Did you know Sir Jony Ive is a huge Burberry fan? True story. He went to London this past summer to see the runway fashion show put on by Burberry, as you can see in the photo to the right.

Interestingly, Apple on Thursday announced a surprise collaboration with Burberry, a London fashion brand sometimes unfortunately associated with lowlifes, known in Britain as “chavs.”

There he is--far right.
There he is–far right. (Credit: Jenny Palmer)

Ive will certainly be happy today* to hear that Burberry is teaming up with Apple to use the not-yet-released iPhone 5s to capture and share images and video from the upcoming runway show in London, taking place this coming Monday, September 16.

This new collaboration is inteded to showcase the new clothing line, of course, but also to show how great the iPhone 5s iSight camera is, with it’s new, larger pixels, exposure area, and lens. It will allow photographers at Burberry to take high quality photos and high resolution video of the runway models, product details, and moments backstage.

Just imagine all the slo-mo.