MacHeist 4 Bundle Software Detailed, Will Give 25% Of Proceeds To Charity And You A Great Deal


MacHeist Bundle 4

The MacHeist folks have thrown the covers off to reveal all the Mac software that you’ll get if you purchase the latest bundle for $29. In addition to this insanely good deal on some fantastic software, you’ll be gifting a charity of your choice (from a list provided at the site) with 25% of the proceeds. If all 1.5 million MacHeist members end up purchasing the bundle, that’s a lot of extra cash for the many worthwhile organizations in the charity list.

Last Chance To Get The Spring Creative Bundle [Deals]


CoM - Spring Creative Bundle

If you’ve ever wanted an amazing library that will help you take your designs to the next level, Cult of Mac Deals has an incredible offer — an offer that’s almost all wrapped up!

This incredible bundle of over 90 different packs of resources, including textures, icons, vectors, brushes and more. It is an invaluable resource for any designers’ toolkit. Impress yourself, your clients, and design better with The Spring Creative Bundle for only $49!

Last Chance To Enter: Win The Omni Group Bundle [Giveaway]


CoM - OmniGroupGiveaway

Cult of Mac Deals has what our readers have called “the best giveaway yet” — and it’s really hard to argue that.

It’s a giveaway that will level up your productivity…because we’re offering you a chance to win a bundle that contains all of The Omni Group’s top Mac apps!

This giveaway is valued at $580 — and it’s one that you definitely want to have in your Mac toolbox!

Last Chance To Get The Web Development & SEO Course Bundle [Deals]


CoM - Web Dev Bundle

So you’ve wanted the opportunity to learn how to code your own website but you just…haven’t…done…it. Well, Cult of Mac Deals is here to get you started on the path to, well…doing it.

With the Web Dev and SEO Course Bundle, you’ll learn how to code, attract thousands of visitors to your brand new website and get certified in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. By the time you’re done with these two video courses, you’ll be a certified web developer and will be able to implement strategic SEO tactics to make sure people can find your brand new website. Cult of Mac Deals has had this bundle up for grabs for a limited time for only $79…but that limited time is almost up!