Bug Prevents iOS ‘Do Not Disturb’ From Switching Off On New Year’s Day



If you had to get up early on January 1st, I hope you used the built-in Clock app to set your iOS alarm; otherwise you may have spent an unintentional extra few hours in bed. Why? Because the Do Not Disturb feature of iOS 6 switched on as usual on the last day of 2012, and then stayed on.

Many users of Do Not Disturb report that the feature didn’t switch itself off yesterday morning.

Former MobileMe Users Find Free 20GB iCloud Storage Extended Until 2050



When Apple was doing its damnedest to kick people out of MobileMe in June this year and get them to use iCloud instead, one of the incentives they gave the soon-to-be disposessed was a free offer that former MobileMe members would get 20GB of iCloud storage gratis, instead of the 5GB Apple gives the rest of us suckers. But it was only for a limited time, until September 30, 2012.

Looks like Apple may have extended their offer, though. Some iCloud usersare now noticing that they’ve got 25GB of iCloud storage to play around with until September 30, 2050, when their free 20GB should have been snatched away from them yesterday. Even more interesting is that some non-MobileMe users are seeing the same deal, and have found themselves getting a free 20GB bump in storage.

Mountain Lion ‘Save As’ Command Also Overwrites Original File

Save As... Or is it?
Save As... Or is it?



Remember that neat little hack to bring the Save As command back to Mountain Lion? It turns out that it’s not quite as handy as we first thought. Sure, you can now “Save As” instead of being forced to “Duplicate” the file and then save it, but Mountain Lion will not only save your changes in the new document, but write them to the original at the same time.

Apple Releases Trackpad Update For New Retina MacBook Pros


Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 1.16.56 PM

Apple’s been releasing a surprising number of updates for their next-gen Retina MacBook Pros… all the odder given the fact that pretty much no one has one. We can only assume there are some software kinks that still need working out, which is why — following last night’s software update — Cupertino has just released a new update for the trackpad to “address an issue where the trackpad may not respond consistently to user input.”

If you have a Retina MacBook Pro — which you almost definitely don’t — go grab it.

Source: Apple

Only 50% Of iPhone 4S Owners Say iOS 5.1 Has Improved Their Battery Life


Even under iOS 5.1 the iPhone 4S struggles to stay awake.

On Monday, we asked iPhone 4S readers how Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 software has impacted their battery life. The new handset is notoriously poor at staying alive for a whole day, but those pesky bugs affecting its battery life were, according to Apple, quashed in the recent software update.

Nearly 6,000 readers voted in our poll, and here are the results.