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iTunes 10 Kills Off Old Automator Workflows

iTunes 10 Kills Off Old Automator Workflows

Apple’s Automator is a fantastic way to manage your iTunes tracks… but with Apple’s iTunes 10 update, many iTunes-specific Automator workflows have simply stopped working.

According to upset users in Apple’s discussion forums, the vast majority of iTunes Automator actions go missing when you install iTunes 10. Try to run a previously created iTunes workflow and you will ironically be prompted to install iTunes 4.6 or higher. Ugh.

The good news here is that none of the functionality has disappeared from AppleScript, so it should be able to replicate the functionality if you change gears. Still, the sudden absence of iTunes functionality in Automator is mysterious: did Apple purposely drop the functionality, or is this a bug? If the former, what was Apple’s rationale?

Pic of the Day, Problem Report: Tried Voodoo, Bug Still Persists

Pic of the Day, Problem Report: Tried Voodoo, Bug Still Persists

There have been times when I’ve wanted to slit a throat over the altar of Word to keep a buggy file from crashing but wonder if this is some kind of divine castigation for downloaders?

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Leopard Revives Data-Loss Bug From OS X 10.1


Buying an Apple product on the first day it’s available is a recipe for disaster. This universal truth was reiterated today as Macintouch reported a nasty bug in Leopard where if you move a file to an external drive and then unplug the drive before it finishes copying, it will delete the file from the source and the destination drive.

In our test, we used Command-drag to move several large folders from a MacBook internal drive to an attached FireWire 800 external drive. While the folders were being moved, we disconnected the FireWire cable. The folders disappeared from both drives!

Yikes. Not an incredibly common flaw, but definitely easy enough to do that it should never show up in a shipping product — especially because it was present in OS X 10.1, and not inTiger. That’s a step in the wrong direction.

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