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What The ‘iPhone 5C’ Will Really Look Like [Humor]


The budget iPhone 5 is definitely happening, and with the seemingly infinite amount of rear-case leaks we pretty much already know what it’s going to look like before Apple even announces it. But, what if those questionable ‘iPhone 5C’¬†cases weren’t just packaging?

Introducing the iPhone 5’s obese evil twin: the iPhone 5C.

The screen is definitely an upgrade from the original iPhone 5C prototype.

Here’s Proof That The Leaked iPhone 5C Image Might Be Fake


There was always a good chance that that image showing a bin of empty iPhone 5C packaging was bogus, and now Steve over at is positing just that, saying there’s a lot of noise around the iPhone 5C logo that might be consistent with Photoshopping.

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Plastic iPhone Lite Is Confirmed By Pegatron Labor Abuse Report


Apple’s under fire again for labor abuses by one of its manufacturing partners again, this time Pegatron. Bizarrely, though, the report incriminating them also confirms the plastic “budget” iPhone, the so-called iPhone 5C.

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An In-Depth Look At The Budget iPhone’s Plastic Shell [Video]


We have a good idea what the budget iPhone will look like fully assembled thanks to the pictures we published a little while ago, but if you’re still having doubts that those plastic shells are genuine, take a look at this in-depth video.

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Leaked Docs Suggest Budget iPhone Lite Will Come In Two Different Configurations [Rumor]

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.46.55 AM

There’s a lot of smoke suggesting a fire coming our way. We’ve seen countless leaks, rumors and reports that say Apple will release a budget iPhone Lite in September: a plastic-bodied mid-range phone which Apple will be able to offer for $0 on contract, making a dent in the mid-range market.

We’re pretty sure the iPhone Lite is a real product at this point. But according to a new report, there might not be just one iPhone Lite. There could be two.

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Apple Could Have Sold 32+ Million iPhones Last Quarter


Earlier today, we learned that Verizon actually sold a lot more iPhones last quarter than anyone expected, and now it looks like Apple might also be able to say the same. In fact, a Morgan Stanley analyst is now saying that her supply chain checks say Apple will beat their guidance this quarter by a sizable margin.

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The Budget iPhone In Red, Blue, Green, White And Yellow [Image]


When the first colorful shells for the so-called budget iPhone first started leaking, they seemed like they were probably fake. Surely, Apple would find some other way to skimp on their new low-end iPhone build price than by casing it all in cheapish plastic in a Froot Loop pallette of colors.

But it’s starting to look like there’s a lot of smoke for no fire, with another leak out of the Far East showing the budget iPhone in red, yellow, white, blue and green. These are starting to look real: budget iPhones with a 4-inch Retina Display that are about 2-3mm thicker than current devices, and will end the fragmentation between 3.5-inch and 4-inch displays among Apple’s for-sale iPhone range when the budget iPhones go free on contract.

What do you think of the budget iPhone’s look? Let us know in the comments.

The Closest Look At The Budget iPhone We’ve Seen Yet


If you believe the rumors, Apple has been working on a cheaper, ‘budget’ iPhone for quite some time. Reports have started picking up momentum in recent months, as Apple is expected to announce the new device by early as this fall.

Just a few days ago we saw some of the first leaked images of the rear casing in a variety of bright colors. Now a collection of photos give us the closest look at the budget iPhone we’ve seen yet.

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These Leaked Pictures Of The Budget iPhone Are As Colorful As A Pack Of Skittles [Image]


It’s looking very likely that the so-called “budget” iPhone will be announced in September. In reality, it will be less budget than mid-range, costing about $350 before contract subsidations. Even so, that should be enough for carriers to sell for $0 with a two-year contract, strengthening Apple’s presence in the market.

We’ve heard before that the budget iPhone would come in an iPod-style assortment of colors, and now new pictures purport to show exactly what the rear shell of the budget iPhone will look like.

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Pegatron CEO: The ‘Budget’ iPhone Won’t Be Cheap


We’ve been talking a lot recently about the so-called “budget iPhone” that Apple will in all probability announce in September, but exactly how “budget” are we talking about here?

Now, the CEO of the rumored manufacturer of the budget iPhone is speaking up, and telling shareholders not to expect it to be cheap.

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