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Why Windows 8 Is One Of The Worst Operating Systems Ever [Video]

This isn’t strictly Mac related, but it’s an interesting discussion on what makes a multi-touch operating system like OS X work, and what makes a similar multi-touch operating system like Windows 8 a complete failure. It’s also an incredibly insightful and concise argument about how Windows 8 fails as a desktop operating system in the four key areas in which an operating system must succeed: control, context, conveyance and continuity.

Brian Bokyo makes a series of excellent arguments on Windows 8’s failure over the course of roughly 23 minutes, but perhaps the video is best summed up in this paraphrased line taken from it: “Use Windows 8 and all of a sudden, a goblin will magically appear, fart in your face and disappear. Moreover, you know it’s going to continue to unpredictably happen again and again… and you’ll never have any idea why.”