Send URLs Right To Gmail App With This Mobile Safari Bookmark [iOS Tips]


Send to Gmail Bookmarklet

So, you’re surfing along on your iPhone or iPad and you want to email your buddy a fantastic new site that you’ve found. You hit the Share button, and then curse because it sends it to the default iOS Mail app. But you use the Gmail app! How will you fix this horrible, first-world problem? With a bookmark, of course.

Here’s how.

Use This Bookmark To Open Any Webpage In Chrome For iOS Instead Of Mobile Safari



Here at Cult of Mac, we love Google’s new Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad… love it so much, in fact, that for many of us, we’re now using it as our default browser on our jailbroken devices using a Cydia tweak.

That’s all well and good if you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, but what if you’re living on the straight and narrow? How can you make using Chrome as your default browser an easy experience when iOS wants to open every link in Safari instead?

It’s easy, with this Mobile Safari bookmarklet.