Speed is the only filter in Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app



Later today Instagram will release a new stand alone app for iOS called Hyperlapse, reports Wired, that will allow users to create time lapse videos that are unfathomably smooth thanks to a its accompanying stabilization algorithm.

Rather than bringing it’s stand alone messaging app Bolt into the spotlight, Instagram is releasing its first ever tool for capturing time lapse video, and comes right as Apple is adding time lapse video to iOS 8, only Hyperlapse comes with a few advantages that Apple’s baked-in version doesn’t have.

Apple’s protesters, the new OS X tablet and the rest of this week’s hottest news



Watch today’s Cult of Mac news roundup for details on how one popular group of protesters are picketing Steve Jobs and Apple itself. Plus, get info on a new Snapchat clone from Instagram, news on unlocking your iPhone and even how one KickStarter is turning MacBooks into huge touch-enabled tablets.

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A tour of Bolt, Instagram’s new one-tap messaging app




The first thing you see when you open Bolt.

Enter a number

Bolt makes you create an account with a phone number, like Snapchat. No Instagram or Facebook account required.

Add friends

You can find friends to add from numbers in your Contacts list, which is also like Snapchat.

Profile pic

The app's design is very light and playful.


Settings are barebones.

Sending a picture

When you add more friends, a list of four contacts you message the most is displayed at the bottom.


Adding text

You can add text messages.


Tap once on a profile icon to send a photo. Tap and hold to send video.

photo 3

Instagram soft-launched Bolt this week, its new app to take on Snapchat. The app is only available in Singapore, New Zealand, and South Africa right now while Instagram squashes bugs and gets it ready for everyone else in the world.

That doesn’t mean you can’t see what Bolt is like now. Cult of Mac reader @ravirajim sent us a bunch of screenshots of Bolt in action, which you can view above. We’ll let you know when Bolt ships to the App Store in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Instagram trial runs Bolt, its one-tap messaging app aimed at Snapchat



Instagram has begun rolling out a brand new app called Bolt. After the app’s name and icon recently leaked, Bolt has become available for download in the New Zealand, Singapore, and South African App Stores.

Bolt is basically a direct competitor to Snapchat, as it’s designed to send photos and videos to friends that disappear after viewing.

Instagram plans to strike down Snapchat with ‘Bolt’



Instagram has accidentally leaked that it’s planning to launch a thunder strike against Snapchat with a new “one tap photo messaging” app of its own called Bolt.

A banner announcing the new messaging app was accidentally posted for some users on Android to see last night, but was taken down about 15 minutes after it appeared. The Free link button on the banner directed users to the Google Play Store, but the page was not available.