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Boinx’s PhotoPresenter Makes Family Slideshows A Bit More Bearable For Your Friends


Quick: You have taken a bunch of great photos of your recent birthday weekend in [EXOTIC LOCATION], and your parents want to take a look at your vacation pictures on the big screen. But you also spent some “quality time” with your girlfriend/boyfriend/spousal unit in the hotel room, and you sure as hell don’t want your folks to see those photos. What do you do?

You use Boinx’s PhotoPresenter, an app that’s designed for impromptu slideshows.

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Boinx iStopMotion Now Supports Canon DSLR Live View And Animated GIFs



Among a long list of cool new features added to Boinx’s iStopMotion for Mac, two stand out. The first is that you can hook up a Canon DSLR and see it’s live-view output right in the app. But the second is the one you’ll really be interested in: iStopMotion now outputs animated GIFs.

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