Bob Mansfield Removed From Apple Exec Team, But Still Working On “Special Projects” For Tim Cook


bob mansfield

Veteran Apple executive Bob Mansfield is no longer a member of the company’s executive team. But that doesn’t mean he has left altogether. Mansfield is still working in an unknown capacity on “special projects” for Tim Cook. He was previously responsible for leading the new Technologies group that was formed during the big executive shakeup last year.

4 Of The 5 Highest-Paid Execs In The U.S. Work For Apple



Four out of the five highest-paid executives in the United States work for Apple, Bloomberg Businessweek reports, but not one of them is CEO Tim Cook.

According to fiscal 2012 compensation figures for top earners filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Apple’s Bob Mansfield, Bruce Sewell, Jeffrey Williams, and Peter Oppenheimer join Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to make up the top five corporate earners last year.

Watch Apple’s New VP Destroy iPhones In An Effort To Install Flash [Video]



Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch is leaving the company to become Vice President of Technology at Apple, but Tim Cook may have to keep a close eye on him around the iPhones. Back in 2009, Lynch smashed up a whole bunch of them in a bid to get them to run Flash Player. See his destructive side for yourself in the video below.

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Plans To Defect Over To Apple




Adobe’s CTO, Kevin Lynch, may be looking to switch from Adobe over to Apple. According to a tweet from CNBC, the high level Adobe Exec is leaving the company to join Apple.

Adobe submitted an SEC filing on Wednesday, March 18th, that confirms Lynch left the company “to pursue other opportunities.” Per item 5.02.b in that SEC filing:

On March 18, 2013, Kevin Lynch resigned from his position as Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, of Adobe Systems Incorporated, effective March 22, 2013, to pursue other opportunities.

Intel Once Again Rumored To Be Working On iOS Device Chips With Apple



Apple has been using Intel’s desktop processors in the Mac since 2005. The next-gen Haswell processor is expected to come in the next iteration of the iMac.

For years, a reoccurring rumor has been that Intel will eventually provide mobile processors for iOS devices. But Apple has been designing its own ‘A series’ of chips for the iPhone and iPad based on ARM. Would Apple really abandon what it’s doing on ARM for Intel, a chip maker that’s been really struggling on mobile?

Now another report claims that Apple and Intel have recently discussed a mobile partnership.