Apple Car based on BMW i3 would be a ‘nice idea,’ says CEO


Tim Cook wanted to use the BMW i3's body for Apple Car.
Tim Cook allegedly wanted to use the BMW i3's body for Apple Car.
Photo: BMW

BMW’s CEO Harald Krüger thinks an Apple Car modelled on BMW’s electric i3 vehicle would be a “nice idea,” although he’s keeping tight-lipped about the chances of it actually happening.

And when there’s the potential of iPhone money involved, who can blame him?

Daimler CEO considers benefits of Apple Car collaboration


How can you not be excited about an Apple Car?
How can you not be excited about an Apple Car?
Photo: Aristomenis Tsirbas/Freelancer

Apple has been slowly poaching some of Daimler’s top talent for its own car project that is nearly ready for testing, but according to Daimler CEO, Dieter Zetsche, it wouldn’t be totally inconceivable for Apple and the Mercedes-maker to work together on a future automotive project.

Zetsche said that “different types” of cooperation with Apple and Google are possible in the future, as carmakers have realized they need software experts and telecoms to help create the next-generation of automobiles.

Steve Jobs’ old BMW can be yours for $15,000


You can now own Steve Jobs' BMW.
You can now own Steve Jobs' BMW.
Photo: Julius Winegar

Steve Jobs was notorious for cruising around Silicon Valley in a Mercedes without a license plate during his last decade at Apple, but before El Jobso upgraded to the SL55 AMG, he and his wife Laurene owned a BMW 325i convertible.

That convertible can be yours, now that its third owner is placing the unique bimmer up for sale.

Sorry, Google, BMW already owns ‘Alphabet’ and they don’t want to sell



When Google reorganized itself into a subsidiary of a new over-arching company, Alphabet, you’d think that they’d have checked to see if anyone else was doing a similar business with the name.

In fact, BMW also does business as Alphabet, and they own the trademark and the .com URL to boot.

BMW makes cars, and Google is working on a self-driving car. That seems like possible grounds for a trademark infringement suit, right?