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Fix Your Forehand With This Motion-Sensing Tennis Racquet [CES 2014]

The Babolat Play is a tennis racquet for those of us who want to improve our game without having to hire a real coach. Those folks cost a lot of money!

For $399, though, you can purchase this new app-enabled, Bluetooth-connected, motion-sensing tennis racquet for your very own. The company has stuffed a ton of sensors into the handle of this thing without even affecting the balance or weight.

You can connect the racquet to your iPhone or iPad and get real-time feedback, or just let the Babolat Play record your performance information and sync it up later for analysis.

The Babolat Play is available now in the US, and should release worldwide very soon.

94Fifty’s Smart Sensor Basketball Helps Improve Your Game [CES 2014]

There’s nothing better than a good coach for any sport. When learning how to be good at something like basketball, you need good feedback and suggestions based on how you perform. It’s a dynamic process for sure.

94Fifty thinks so, too, and decided to create a smart basketball that pairs with a free app for your iPhone and iPad. The ball is loaded with sensors and bluetooth and gets you instant, quality feedback on how you’re tossing the rock to the hoop.

The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball will run you $295 at Apple retail stores or online, while the app is free for anyone to download, though it won’t do you a whole lot of good without the ball.

Arcam Launches New Palm-Sized Hi-Def Bluetooth Audio Receiver [CES 2014]


CES 2014 bug Arcam, the UK high-end audio company, has a little nugget to tempt audiophiles. It’s called the miniBlink, and it’s a “hi-def” Bluetooth audio adapter with a proper built-in DAC. What? Don’t fret. It just means you can beam Bluetooth audio to your stereo without it sounding crappy.

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Kinda Serious, Hardcore Or Crazy Fitness Maniac: Wahoo’s Trio Of New TICKR Bluetooth Heart-Rate Straps [CES 2014]


The little dots on the sensor’s face are lights that tell you whether the sensor is connected, or if the battery is low. Photo: Eli Milchman

Cult _of_Mac_CES_2014_80x80 LAS VEGAS — Rather than come out with a more casual-oriented wearable fitness tracker like everyone (and we mean everyone) else, Wahoo stuck to its athletic roots and took the more serious route of improving the heart-rate monitor strap and accompanying training software the company introduced a few years ago.

In fact, Wahoo has created three new versions of its Bluetooth HR strap. The company even tried to restructure the way athletes think about training with the new “burn or burst” approach for the Wahoo iOS app.

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Nifty Bluetooth Necklace Lets Your iPhone Control Its Color Scheme [CES 2014]

(Credit: CSR)

(Credit: CSR)

CES 2014 bug

What if you could control the color of your jewelry (provided you wear some, that is) using your iPhone?

This thought is behind the development of a new line of Bluetooth smart jewelry from UK-based chip maker CRS — able to connect to mobile devices so that wearers that customize the color and brightness to suit their mood, or match a particular outfit.

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Netatmo’s Smart Bracelet Warns You When The Sun Is Frying Your Skin [CES 2014]


CES 2014 bug Worried about what the sun’s harmful rays are doing to your skin? With June, a new smart bracelet from Netatmo that’s aimed at women, you can find out exactly how much exposure your skin is getting, then decide what kind of sunscreen you need to stay safe.

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Griffin’s Legendary PowerMate Knob Goes Cordless [CES 2014]


CES 2014 bug Ever felt the need to turn your Mac up to 11? Of course you have, and now, thanks to Griffin’s new Bluetooth PowerMate, you can do it wirelessly.

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Tiny iMpulse Brings Physical Controls To Your Mobile Games, Fits On Your Keyring


While adding physical controls instantly improves almost any mobile game, no one wants to carry around a big, bulky control pad all day. But it’s unlikely you’ll have any complaints about taking the iMpulse with you everywhere you go, because it’s so small it fits on your keyring — and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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Pebble-Shaped Bluetooth Thermometer Is Happy To Live Outside


No, don’t worry: it’s not another terrible mouse design from Apple. This is the Tempo from UK-based Blue Maestro, and it’s a smart Bluetooth thermometer disguised as a pebble.

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Pyle Audio Offers New Inexpensive Connected Bluetooth Body Scale



Pyle Audio makes one of pretty much everything. If it has wires, knobs, plastic or is made of a material that can be found in or near our solar system, Pyle makes it. Cover for your boat’s stereo? Yes. How about a thingy that detects leaks from microwave ovens? You bet. And a waterproof telephone handset for the shower? Try not to gurgle when your boss calls.

Add one more gadget to the (wait for it) Pyle. This time, the prolific company has proffered up a scale — one of the fancy Bluetooth-connected ones that comes with its own app.

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