Finally, a holiday gift guide you actually care about [Deals]


GG - Mainframe
Beats by Dre, UE ROLL 2, and lots of Mac amenities make for some very happy holidays.

The people on your holiday shopping list deserve cutting-edge gifts. That’s why you won’t find ugly sweaters or gifts that are actually meant for pets not people in the Cult of Mac gift guide.

Loaded with tech gift ideas for Apple fans, this handy guide will make you the best gift-giver in the family for once.

This Bluetooth speaker is built tough for travel [Deals]


This Bluetooth speaker is made to move, with water-resistant coating and a protective metal grill.
This Bluetooth speaker is made to move, with water-resistant coating and a protective metal grill.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Sometime you want to kick out the jams in a location that’s not safe for typical electronics. The G-Tube can help: It’s an ultra-portable, water-resistant speaker encased in a rugged housing that makes it perfect for carrying in your pocket, clipping to your backpack, strapping to your bike, or even rocking out in the shower.

It’s big sound in a tiny, tough, portable package, and right now you can pick up a G-Tube Bluetooth speaker for just $31.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

$500 off refurbished MacBook Air, $80 off a GoPro bundle and much more [Deals]


Save big on refurbished MacBook Airs, Canon EOS Rebel, GoPro Hero4 and more.
Photos: Apple, Canon, GoPro

Another week, another awesome deal roundup, and this time we’re all about tech! From GoPro cameras to the new Xbox One S, the web is going wild with deals on today’s hottest electronics. Amazon is even getting in on it with huge price cuts on its Echo and Kindle products.

Logitech headsets go for nearly half off, Samsung slashes $1,100 off TVs and more [Deals]


Week Deals 11.4
Prices are falling for brand-name electronics this week
Photos: Apple, Samsung

Look alive, everyone! November is finally here, and that means Black Friday is on the way. However, you won’t have to wait until the 26th to start saving. Now that Apple has unleashed its new tech lineup, prices are falling for iMacs, and refurbished Apple products are making a comeback. Logitech is even getting a headstart on Black Friday sales with an $80 discount on their premier gaming headphones.

Want to turn your bottle into a speaker? Put a Cork in it.


Cork Speaker
Now you can bottle your sound, literally, with the Cork Speaker.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

There are Bluetooth speakers that are shaped like bottles. Then there’s the Bluetooth speaker that needs a bottle to work.

The Cork Speaker attaches right where you might think – at the opening of a bottle – and directs audio into the empty space so that it projects a deep and resonating sound.

$299 off Panasonic 4K HD TV, $278 off Canon EOS Rebel Bundle, and more [Deals]


Daily Deals Roundup 10.28
Score huge savings on bundles for Amazon Echo Dot, PlayStation 4 and Canon EOS Rebel.
Photos: Amazon, Sony, Canon

Big-name brands are acting especially generous this week — we found deals on Panasonic, Sony and even KitchenAid products. eBay is back at it again with a new-and-improved PlayStation 4 bundle. Amazon’s cutting the price on its Echo smart home package. And Walmart is joining the fray with a major deal on a Panasonic 50-inch HD TV.

Read on for all the juicy details.

PartyUp turns dozens of Ultimate Ears speakers into distributed sound system


PartyUp Ultimate Ears
Ultimate Ears' new PartyUp mode is capable of seamlessly linking "more than 50" of the company's brightly colored Bluetooth speakers.
Photo: Ultimate Ears

A free software update for Ultimate Ears’ popular Boom and Megaboom speakers lets you connect dozens of the Bluetooth devices to create a massive wall of sound.

The over-the-air update, coming today to the “life-proof” speaker line, enables a new feature called PartyUp that can connect “more than 50” of UE’s popular tube-shaped speakers. “More than 50” is the party line, but UE product manager Jim Saraco said his team connected 130 of the speakers at the company’s HQ.

“In reality, we’re still trying to find a cap,” Saraco told Cult of Mac.

$50 Bluetooth speaker … is it any good? [Review]


Bluetooth Speaker
Want a cheap speaker that can blow your socks off? Look no further.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The speakers in our iPhones and iPads keep getting better and better, but they’re not close to replacing Bluetooth speakers just yet. If you’ve just splashed out hard-earned dollars for a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, a low-priced, quality speaker may come as a welcome relief.

There are a few rare finds out there that deliver good bang for buck, and the $60 DKnight Big MagicBox is one of them.

Check out the full video review below.

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker turns your shower into a soundstage [Deals]


Bring your favorite tunes and shows into the shower with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.
Bring your favorite tunes and shows into the shower with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s ok to admit you pretend the shower nozzle is a microphone, but let’s be honest — rocking out in the shower is a lot better when you can actually sing along. With this waterproof Bluetooth speaker, Splash Tunes, you can bring your favorite music, podcasts, e-books, etc. into the shower with you. It’s a major upgrade for a major part of your (hopefully) daily routine, and right now you can get a Splash Tunes speaker for $19.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Grab an award-winning Soundfreaq Bluetooth speaker for nearly half off [Deals]


Carry your sounds around in style with this award winning Bluetooth speaker.
Carry your sounds around in style with this award winning Bluetooth speaker.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Cupping your hand around the iPhone speaker just isn’t cutting it anymore. If you’re looking to get a groove from your mobile devices while keeping them mobile, your best bet is a portable Bluetooth speaker like the Double Spot by Soundfreaq. It’s slim, sounds great, goes anywhere, and right now you can get one for just $79.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.