Arcade Retro Rhythm Game Bit.Trip Core Hits Steam



The retro-wacky Bit.Trip series, originally published on the WiiWare downloadable game service for Nintendo’s Wii console, has started showing up on Steam. The second game in a six-game series, Bit.Trip Core serves up some psychedelic visuals married to a fantastic chiptune soundtrack, which is available if you purchase the $12 version of the game.

The best part? Bit.Trip Core, like the other three Steam-available games from the Bit.Trip series, is available for the Mac.

The Humble Indie Bundle Adds Four New Games


Humble Indie Bundle Adds Four New Games

We told you last week about the Humble Indie Bundle, now in its sixth iteration. Today, four new games were added, bringing the total to ten games on offer with a pay-what-you-want model that sends the purchase price along to independent developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and Child’s Play, a charity that provides game consoles to children in hospitals.