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Add Facebook Events And Birthdays To Mac OS X Calendar App [OS X Tips]

It would seem as if Apple could make it easy to import Facebook calendars to the built-in Calendar app in OS X Mountain Lion, would’t it? I mean, you can totally import Facebook contacts into the Contacts app. Why not Facebook calendars into the Calendar app?

Well, I wouldn’t even bring it up unless I had found a solution. Here’s how to bring your Facebook calendars to your Mac.

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Best Birthday Gift Ever: This 7-Year-Old’s Lego Edge Level Will Be Added To The Real Game

Happy Birthday Zias Kool

Photo of Zias used with permission

This smiling youngster is Zias Kool, and he’s happy for good reason: as a birthday present, the makers of cult iOS puzzler Edge are going to add his Lego-designed custom level to a future version of the game.

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Just Buy Yearly And Stop Forgetting Other People’s Birthdays [Review]


Hands up if you forget birthdays all the damn time. Hey, whoa, slow down. I can’t see all of you at the back. Waaaaay too many hands. Wait. No, OK, hands down. Let’s do this differently.

We’ll forget about the counting bit, and just assume that pretty much everyone forgets birthdays and ends up hating themselves just a tiny bit more each time. Especially when a few months later, the person whose birthday you forgot remembers yours, and sends a perfectly judged gift too. Dammit.

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