Apple bought Beats for video, suggests Steve Jobs’ biographer



The web has spun about 13,000 different theories on why Apple bought Beats. Did they want the headphones? Or was it Beats Music that tipped things over?

It’ll be months, if not years, before we learn Apple’s real play with the Beats acquisition, but Steve Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson has his own theory on why Apple bought Beats and it has nothing to do with music, overpriced headphones, or other wearables.

It’s all about video.

Check Out This Huge Billboard Made Entirely Out Of iPads [Video]



Wouldn’t it be freaking cool to hangout with a couple thousand other iPad owners and make the world’s biggest interactive billboard? You could create some pretty amazing stuff – like a huge video of that Helicopter Cat thing. We’re always so separated and alone when using our cool new gadgets, but Nate Bolt, Ryan Schude, and Lauren Randolph think it’s time to make something together out of them, so they created a huge jumbotron out of their iPads.

Here’s a video of the iPad Jumboltron in action:

First New iPad Billboard Spotted In Hollywood




This morning we posted a story wondering why Apple hasn’t posted any billboards for the new iPad yet. Usually Apple posts new billboards almost immediately after a product is announced, but some old iPad 2 billboards are still lingering around the country with nary a glimpse of big sign adage for the new iPad. Well it looks like the new iPad billboards have just started to roll out. We just got the above picture from our Twitter follower that shows the first billboard for the new iPad, spotted in Hollywood CA. The billboard focuses almost completely on the new retina screen of the iPad rather than focusing on the design of the device like the iPad 2 billboards had.

Have you seen any iPad billboards in your city? If so, leave us a link to a picture of your local new iPad billboard and we’ll included it in this post.