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iDreamed A Dream: Philly Theatre Mounts Steve Jobs The Musical

Steve Jobs holding original iPhone

Here’s an idea: take one subject like tech with a massive built-in fanbase, and another — like Broadway musicals — with a similarly rabid audience.

Put them together and what do you get? Well, the hope is obviously for a hit, but right now the specific answer is “Nerds” — a new musical from the Philadelphia Theatre Company, telling the oft-repeated story of Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs.

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Bill Gates Gets ‘RIP Steve Jobs’ Tattoo (In South Park)


Last night’s South Park episode depicted a shirtless Bill Gates — revealing the Microsoft co-founder to have a tattoo reading “RIP Steve Jobs 2011.”

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Microsoft Confirms CEO Steve Ballmer Will Retire ‘Within 12 Months’


Microsoft has today announced that chief executive officer Steve Ballmer will retire “within the next 12 months.” Ballmer will continue to carry out his role while the company seeks a successor, aiding its transformation into a devices and services company — but he will depart once a suitable replacement is found.

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Bill Gates Emotionally Recalls His Last Visit To Steve Jobs [Video]


For a long time, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were two of the biggest competitors in the technology industry. They were both early pioneers of desktop computing, and their companies were battling each other for every ounce of market share they could get their hands on.

But those shared experiences eventually led to the two becoming good friends. In a new interview for CBS’ 60 Minutes, Gates fondly remembers his old foe, and emotionally recalls his last visit to Jobs’s Palo Alto home before he passed away in October 2011.

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Bill Gates Stupidly Says “A Lot” Of Users Are Frustrated The iPad Isn’t A Microsoft Surface [Video]


Want to hear one of the smartest minds in tech opening his mouth and saying something eye-rollingly dumb? Check out Bill Gates telling CNBC that the iPad is being “held back” by its lack of physical keyboard and, of course, Microsoft Office.

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Check Out Bill Gates’s Huge Windows Surface Computer [Image]


Bill Gates answering Reddit questions on his huge Surface computer.

Bill Gates is doing an IAmA on Reddit right now. Basically, he’s telling everyone what it’s like to be a super-rich philanthropist who wants to rid the world of polio and other diseases. Bill’s a pretty cool guy. He likes to tour garbage dumps and missile silos with his kids. He loves Weezer. And he even liked Pirates of Silicon Valley.

One thing you didn’t know about Bill Gates, though, is that he uses a ginormous touchscreen computer. Like, yeah, he’s got a Surface Pro, but that’s not enough for him right now. Look at the size of that beast in the picture above.

I just got my Surface Pro a week ago and it is very nice. I am using a Perceptive Pixel display right now – huge Windows 8 touch whiteboard. These will come down in price over time and be pervasive…

So while we’re all over here happy with our new 7.9-inch iPad mini screens, Bill is living it up on a touchscreen that’s bigger than your living room wall. And you know what? For a guy who’s trying to rid the world of HIV and reduce carbon emissions, we think he deserves every pixel on that humongous display.

Shocker: Bill Gates Admits Steve Jobs ‘Was Always Cooler Than Me’


Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. I’ve always relished any opportunity to see either of the two information-age titans reference the other (this ultra-rare instance of the two sparring side-by-side during an All Things Digital conference still gives me goose bumps).

In this case, it was Bill Gates in his first appearance on the Stephen Colbert show last night when Colbert gingerly brought up Steve in the last moments of the conversation.

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Bill Gates Says His Wife Is Lying, His Kids “Never Ask” For Apple Products


Earlier this month, Melinda Gates told an interviewer in the U.K. that “of course” her kids asked for iPods for Christmas, but the Gates won’t give their children Apple products because “the wealth from our family came from Microsoft so why would we invest in a competitor?”

This isn’t the first time Melinda Gates has piped up on the subject of giving her children Apple products. Two years ago, Melinda Gates took part in another interview in which she said that she had “gotten [the] argument” that her children should be allowed to have an iPod. She said that her response was to say, “You may have a Zune.”

Today, the FOX Business Network did an interview with Bill Gates, in which he says his children have never asked for an Apple product in their lives. Ever! Someone’s lying.

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Our CES 2013 Preview And Bill Gates Christmas Grinch On Our 50th Episode Of The CultCast

Cultcast iPad Mini

It’s hard to believe we’ve just finished our 50th CultCast! But we’re not stopping to celebrate just yet.

On our newest episode, we say why Apple Maps integrating with Waze maps makes too much sense not to happen; why Bill Gates just made Microsoft Surface the new Christmas coal; and as we prepare to journey to Las Vegas for CES, we review which new gadgets and tech we’re most excited about, and give you the inside scoop on what it’s really like to report live from one of the biggest tech conventions in the world.

All that and more on our all-new CultCast! Subscribe now on iTunes or easily stream new and previous episodes via Apple’s free Podcasts App.

How Bill Gates Was The Grinch To His Kids’ Apple Christmas

How Bill Gates Was The Grinch To His Kids’ Apple Christmas

Here’s a sure fire way to spark a riot on Christmas: give your kids Microsoft Surfaces instead of the iPads and MacBook Airs they wanted instead.

Who would be that Grinchy? Microsoft founder Bill Gates, apparently. He gave his two daughters and son Microsoft products for Christmas, instead of the Apple products they asked for.

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