iPad Pro: Wacom Shows Off New 24-Inch Multi Touch Cintiq Tablet

Like a giant iPad.


Imagine you had a 24-inch iPad which could be propped up to any angle. Imagine further that this iPad can be hooked up to your Mac and used as an external display, and that the color gamut of that display shows 97% of the Adobe RGB space. Now add in a pressure-sensitive pen along with the multi-touch goodness.

This is Wacom’s new 24HD.

The Big App Show Video App Reviews for iPhone [Review]


There are over 200,000 apps in the iTunes App Store now and everyone can agree that wading through all those apps trying to find the real gems is a big problem. We all muddle through somehow and find an app gem or two usually by word of mouth, a Cult of Mac review, or other means. I’m happy to announce that I’ve found another way to find good apps and this solution is entertaining to boot — Adam Curry’s Big App Show app.