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Kanye’s new album might be released as free iTunes exclusive

Yeezus is ready to launch Apple's new music streaming service.

Yeezus is ready to launch Apple’s new music streaming service.

Kanye West was part of Jay Z’s small army of megastars that helped launch Tidal, but when it comes to his next album, Ye is reportedly looking to take the U2 route by releasing it on iTunes for free.

According to a new rumor on Twitter, Apple and Kanye are joining forces for the launch of the company’s new music streaming service. As a gift to the fans, Yeezy has agreed to release his new album ‘Swish’ for free after Apple paid him nearly double what he expected to make of album sales.

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Almost half of Tidal’s founders could have to pull their own music


Even Jay Z’s wife may find her music vanishing from Tidal.

7 of the 15 artists with an ownership stake in Jay Z’s troubled Tidal streaming music service may have their music pulled from it as a result of Jay Z failing to reach a music licencing agreement with Sony, which owns many of the streaming rights to the musicians in question.

Alicia Keys, Daft Punk, Jack White, Calvin Harris, J Cole, Usher have all released albums under one of Sony’s labels, while even Jay’s own wife Beyonce could see her music vanish from her husband’s attempt at a challenger to digital music giants like Spotify and Apple.

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Beyonce shows off Apple Watch band you can’t have at Coachella

yonce watch

Photo: Beyonce

The latest celebrity to flaunt an Apple Watch is none other than Queen B herself. Today Beyonce posted photos of herself at Coachella wearing the 18-karat Apple Watch Edition and a custom band you can’t buy.

One of iTunes’ most beloved artists has a solid gold link bracelet for the Watch that Apple doesn’t sell officially. And it probably costs more than the Edition itself.

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The 18 most GIF-able moments of 2014

High five for the best GIFs of 2014. Photo: Deathdragon1987/

High five for the best GIFs of 2014. Photo: Deathdragon1987/Imgur

We’re nearly a week away from ringing in the new year and all the craziness that 2015 is going to bring with it, but before we go into holiday hibernation mode, we wanted to take a look back at the most GIF-worthy events of 2014.

From Ellen’s hilarious Oscar selfie, to ‘the greatest catch ever’, 2014 was filled with incredible moments that captured the Internet’s fascination thanks to the glory of the GIFs.

Without further adieu, these were our favorite GIFs of 2014:

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Amazon Throws Its Toys Out The Pram Because iTunes Got Beyoncé Album First


She may have the fastest selling album in iTunes history, but not everyone is happy with Beyoncé’s success — and it’s not just limited to brick-and-mortar stores either.

Responding to Beyoncé’s iTunes exclusive, Amazon has joined Target in announcing that it will not stock physical copies of the Beyoncé album (although the album is available from Amazon’s online US MP3 store if a customer searches for it).

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Why Apple’s Heartfelt Holiday Promo Might Be Their Best Ad Yet [CultCast]

Why Apple’s Heartfelt Holiday Promo Might Be Their Best Ad Yet [CultCast]

On our all-new CultCast: Apple has a new Christmas commercial and some are hailing it as their best ad yet; Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful computer ever; Beyonce’s iTunes-only album release breaks all the records; an alarming new study shows pervs can use your Mac’s camera to peep your naked bod; and we choose on our favorite Christmas movies of all time!

Have a few laughs whilst getting caught up on each week’s finest Apple stories! Download new and past episodes of The CultCast on iTunes or hit play below and let the audio enjoyment commence.

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Why Apple’s Heartfelt Holiday Promo Might Be Their Best Ad Yet [CultCast]Why Apple’s Heartfelt Holiday Promo Might Be Their Best Ad Yet [CultCast]

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Target Won’t Sell New Beyoncé Album Because iTunes Had It First

Queen B, Apple, and Target do not all see eye to eye.

Queen B, Apple, and Target do not all see eye to eye.

Beyoncé rocked the internet last weekend when she released her self-titled album in the iTunes Store as a total surprise. In exchange for launch exclusivity, Apple gave her the red carpet treatment in iTunes and iTunes Radio. The move was a smart one, as Beyoncé is the fastest selling album in iTunes history, moving an insane 828,773 units within the first three days of availability.

Target, another big music retailer that prides itself on exclusive deals with artists, isn’t too happy about Beyoncé’s decision to go the iTunes route.

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Beyoncé’s Surprise Record Is Now The Fastest Selling Album In iTunes History


Beyonce surprised us last Friday by exclusively releasing her fifth album, BEYONCÉ, on iTunes without even a whisper of a warning that it was coming out. The sneak attack was aimed at stopping pirates from siphoning off Queen B’s honey and it looks like it was a wild success.

Apple announced today that BEYONCÉ has become the fast selling album ever on iTunes with an ungodly 828,773 albums sold on the first three days alone. Who says you can’t sell a million records in a week anymore?

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Beyoncé Crashes Apple’s Servers With Surprise ‘Mastered For iTunes’ Album

Beyonce Super Bowl 2013

With not a word of warning, at a time of year known for its poverty of new releases, hipshaking R&B super-princess Beyoncé released her fifth studio albuma as a “Mastered for iTunes” joint. And even though no one knew it was coming, it still managed to crash iTunes for a spell. Thanks, Beyoncé.

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VEVO Updates iOS App With Full AirPlay Support


You can’t get music videos on MTV anymore, but that doesn’t mean the 60-inch TV strapped to your wall can’t get jiggy with Beyonce and Katy Perry’s newest music vids. VEVO announced today that it has added full AirPlay support to its iOS app, allowing users to stream audio and video to an Apple TV.

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