iOS beta users can no longer write App Store reviews


Sorry, beta users!
Photo: Ryan Orbuch

In what will surely be met with a sigh of relief from developers, Apple has stopped people running beta versions of iOS from writing reviews of apps in the App Store.

Many of these reviews tend to be negative because developers have yet to optimize their apps to run the latest prerelease software version. As a result, apps run on a beta version of iOS are far more likely to crash, or feature bugs.

Train Apple Music to dish up better tunes, this week on The CultCast


Apple Music—whip that kitty into shape.
Apple Music—whip that kitty into shape.
Photo: Harvard Library

This week: how to train Apple Music to dish up better tunes; Microsoft calls it quits on the phone game; iOS 9 and El Capitan betas go public; awkward stories from Disneyland; and the REAL REASON Apple is building a “Spaceship” campus…

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Show notes ahead, my friends.

How iCloud could save your Mac from El Capitan’s destruction

The cloud service that often lets people down saved me from catastrophe.
Apple's often unreliable cloud service sure saved me from a potential catastrophe.
Photo: Apple

As you may have heard, Apple released the public beta for OS X El Capitan yesterday. Since I tend to ignore the risks of beta software in favor of all the new features, I downloaded it on my mid-2011 MacBook Air. Do yourself a favor: don’t be like me. Understand and acknowledge the risks of beta software. It’ll save you time and data.