This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Jet Set Radio, The Bowling Dead, FIFA 13 & More [Roundup]


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Kicking off this week’s list of must-have iOS games is Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio, a terrific skating game in which you rollerblade around a fictional city and tag buildings, rival gang members, and more with spray paint. It’s accompanied by Pong World, the first official Pong game for iOS; a massive update to FIFA 13, and more.

iOS Games Gone Cheap: EA Slashes Prices For July 4 [Deals]

Grab 'em while they're cheap.
Grab 'em while they're cheap.

As we all know, iOS developers just love an excuse to slash their prices, and EA is the first to show its celebrations for Independence Day. The company has discounted a stack of popular titles — including FIFA 12, Dead Space, and Mass Effect Infiltrator — to just $0.99 to ensure you stay busy before the fireworks start.

Here’s the full list.

Even An iPad Can’t Keep You Awake During The Game of Life


Even An iPad Can't Keep You Awake During The Game of Life
As if

Imagine buying a paper magazine (remember those?), only instead of pages it just has a cover and a hole in the middle. Into this hole you place your iPad, which you then use to read the magazine’s contents. Useless, right? But that’s (almost) exactly what Hasbro has done in a desperate attempt to bring its board games into the 21st century.