KFC’s new chicken box can charge your iPhone


No one asked for this.
No one asked for this.
Photo: KFC

The world’s largest fried chicken chain has come up with a wacky new idea that will fill your stomach as well as your iPhone.

As part of a promotion in India, KFC has introduced a new limited edition “Watt A Box” that packs all the greasy finger-lickin’ chicken you could want, along with with a USB port and portable battery that eaters can use to recharge their iPhones with while grubbing.

Check it out:

USB-C battery pack gives your MacBook a full charge on the go

The GoPower is a MacBook's perfect companion.
Photo: Kanex

Apple’s notebooks pack some of the best laptop batteries out there, but you’re always going to find yourself low on power when using your MacBook on the road. Fortunately, Kanex’s new PowerGo battery pack can save the day.

Packing 15,000 mAh of power and USB-C connectivity, it’s capable of giving your 12-inch Retina MacBook a full charge on the go — and it’ll keep your iOS devices topped up, too.