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Mojo Refuel, The iPhone Battery Case With Removable Batteries


You know how when the iPhone first came out and people were all complaining about how you couldn’t take out the battery? I know, right? The market swiftly moved in to solve the “problem” by supplying battery packs that could be added only when you needed them, and without rebooting the phone to swap them, and in whichever sizes you needed.

Now we have come full circle, as they say, with the Mojo Refuel for iPhone 5. It’s an external battery pack which — get this — has its own removable battery.

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Goal Zero’s Lighthouse, A Camping Lamp Which Charges Your iPhone


Goal Zero’s new Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub is a camper’s best friend. By day, it’s a USB charger with a backup battery, ready for juicing your waning iPhone. By night, it’s a lamp which will run for up to 48 hours.

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Jackery Air, The Lightweight, High-Power Battery Pack For Your iPhone


I have a few things to say about external iPhone batteries, but we’ll get to that in a second. First, here’s the Jackery battery for the iPhone 5, a backup battery distinguished by being slim, having a nice sleek design, and featuring an absurdly pretentious video promo on the product page.

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Hand Crank Your Phone Back To Life With Eton’s New Battery


The BoostTurbine 4000 sounds like something out of a surreal Bizarro world where technophiles are simultaneously Luddites.

It’s a battery brick that Eton stuck a hand crank onto; should the 4000 mAh battery ever run dry, a minute of cranking will bring an iPhone flickering back to life with enough juice for a a quick distress call or a few texts.

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Anker’s New Astro 3 Battery Can Fully Charge an iPad for Just Fifty Bucks


That’s right, Amazon ($49.99) the Anker Astro 3, an external battery with three USB ports and 12,000 mAh, which is — in theory — enough juice to completely charge any iPad.

Why the in theory disclaimer? Because although the Astro 3’s 12,000 mAh capacity exceeds the 11,560 mAh capacity of the battery in the two latest iPads (the iPad 2’s battery is about half that of its successors), there’s always some energy loss when transferring energy from one battery to another.

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PowerCycle, A Bike-Friendly USB Battery Pack [Kickstarter]

PowerCycle is a hip-flask-shaped USB battery pack which is designed to be charged by your bike. You’ll need to be running a dynamo hub with an electrical output to actually charge it, so this is more a bike-friendly design than a bike-only one.

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The SLXtreme 5 Must Be The Most Adventure-Loving Case System Ever Made


Some cases bring battery backup with them, others are waterproof. One or two allow you to charge your iPhone with energy from the sun.

The Snow Lizard SLXtreme iPhone 4 case does all three, and now it’s coming to the iPhone 5 and iPad.

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Alleged iPhone 5S Batteries Pictured On Assembly Line


An image of what is claimed to be a bunch of new batteries for the iPhone 5S on an assembly line has surfaced today. If it is genuine, it confirms the iPhone 5S will be battery-powered like its predecessors, and it debunks rumors that have claimed Apple will turn to more traditional energy means such as coal and paraffin.

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Justin Battery Case Powerful Enough To Charge Retina iPad

Despite being so huge and heavy that it’s barely possible for one person to lift, some folks still manage to take the regular-sized iPad out of the house for extended periods of time. And if you’re doing that with the Retina iPad, you’ll know that once the battery has run down you’re looking at three to four weeks to recharge it, even if you were to plug it straight into the high-tension power lines overhead (hint: Do not do this).

That’s why the Justin Ultra-Slim Power Case was invented.

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These Days, Even iPhone Backup Batteries Are Fashion Accessories

Remember when the iPhone launched, and people complained that the non-removable battery was a “deal-breaker”? And then the very same thing happened to the MacBook in the form of the Air, and the very same people whined the same whine?

Happy days indeed. Now we know better: we can indeed carry spare batteries for our iPhones, only they’re external and don’t require that we power down the phone just to swap them.

And the batteries in our MacBook last way longer thanks to the fact that they are squished into every internal nook and cranny of the computer’s case instead of having to be an easy-to-remove rectangle. Not that anyone ever needed to swap a battery into a computer anyway. Well, except those dullards who would stare at a single Excel spreadsheet for the entire duration of a six-hour plane ride, and they all own PCs anyway.

Which is to say, in a very roundabout way, that Eagle has made available yet another external battery pack. And this one is orange.

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