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6 awesome comic books you must read before the movies hit theaters


Hulk smash! Iron Man huge! Photo: Marvel Studios

Having to do your background reading just to go and watch a movie sounds a whole lot like schoolwork, but thankfully when it comes to the world of comic books things ain’t so bad!

With theaters set to play host to a gorgeous buffet of superhero flicks over the next year, Cult of Mac took it upon ourselves to play teacher and instruct you on exactly which graphic novels you should be chowing down on before walking into Avengers: Age of Ultron or Batman V Superman.

Now you too can be the snide guy (or gal) in the back row, telling everyone why it wasn’t as good as it was on the page…

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9 things we’re desperately hoping Batman V Superman gets right

Batman vs. Superman movie finally gets an official title


We’ve heard casting announcements in the form of Batfleck and Jesse “Lex Luthor” Eisenberg (to name a few), had our first sniff of the Batsuit and the Batmobile — and now we finally have a name for the forthcoming Batman-starring Man of Steel sequel.

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